Original Xbox Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (original Xbox version; disc, not PC)


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Nov 19, 2012
I've been looking around for an answer to this and gotten nowhere.

I have an original Xbox (not 360) and I realize it's an older machine and an older game... however IT WILL NOT LOAD. I have tried 4 different versions of the game (bought game, didn't work, returned it for a new disc, didn't work, etc.) Done this 4 times now.

All of my other Xbox games (I have about 30) load fine and play fine. This includes 3 other Splinter Cell games, including Double Agent, which came out after Chaos Theory (I mention this in case the advancements in these games suddenly became too much for the machine to handle, but figured the newer game would have more stuff to load than Chaos Theory, if this is even true). Everything seems to work fine with the xbox, unless I put in Chaos Theory. Again, tried 4 different copies of this game...

Is there something special or unique about the design of this disc or the way it was burned or something? Stupid-ish question, but the fact that many copies still don't work, but all other games do, leads me to believe it's not the xbox machine. And yet, some bizarre and unique game design seems far fetched as well. I even checked if my memory was full, but it has tons of space... and still, all other games load fine.

Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions?