Xbox 360 Spoiler Alert! Question About Hallucination


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Dec 13, 2012
Warning everyone! This question contains a spoiler in it, so if you haven't played very much of Far Cry 3 yet, you might want to stop reading now!

Okay, now that we have the spoiler alert out of the way, for those of you that have played through Far Cry 3, when he hallucinates about killing Vaas, is that for real? Did that really happen?
Ooh, I haven't gotten that far yet, but the hallucination scenes sure are trippy! The last hallucination scene that I saw was when he was underwater or something following the man in white. It was kind of a fun little moment to sit back, relax and watch.
Jane - I've played a ways past that hallucination you're talking about, but I'm still not sure yet if it was real or not. The way Vaas's eyes popped open at the very end, after he was supposedly killed, kind of leads me to believe that the hallucination wasn't for real.
Yep most people think this was just a way to drive home the mental battle/ties between Jason and Vaas.

Given the AIW quotes following that scene I bet we're meant to wonder/guess at what it all really means. ;)
I agree with Wolfgang. I think that hallucination scene was intentionally setup the way it was in order to leave you wondering about whether or not any of that actually happened while he was hallucinating. I've played past that scene too, but I haven't seen Vaas since. Personally, I don't think he's really dead yet. ;)
Jason wasn't in his right mind, but he did kill Vaas. We cannot be sure if a knife was the way he did it, but Vaas sure is dead by Jason's hand. We know this because there are multiple times when Hoyt's men talk about Vaas's death, and how the pirates will be "even more unpredictable now." Also, you speak with Citra later in the game about killing him. I have some other examples that prove how Jason did kill Vaas but they might spoil the game, so I decided to veer away from them.

Overall, yes, Jason DID kill Vaas, but we do not know HOW Jason killed him, because his mind was not in a good state when it happened.
Well, Vaas never shows up again, so what do you think? The other hallucination scenes (the "boss fights") do end up with your enemy dead, after all, don't see why that one would be an exception (though it sure as hell was way trippier than the rest).