Sports Related Xbox 360 Live Apps


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Jan 20, 2012
My mom has recently become a football fan and my husband has been a Tiger Woods fan ever since, well, Tiger Woods, lol. Since we don't have cable TV anymore (because it costs too much) we've been relying on Netflix for our TV/movie entertainment needs. The only problem is, my mom can't watch football and my husband can't watch golf on Netflix. So my question is this: Does anyone know of a sports app for Xbox Live that would be airing football games and/or golf tournaments?
I think there is an ESPN app, I'd look into that. I've thought of getting rid of my cable, but at the moment we're keeping it for things like local news and sports. I'm glad that alternate sources are giving cable some competition though, it's nice to have other options.
I'm glad to hear more people are ditching cable TV, whatever their reasons are. I think Internet will eventually completely replace it or at least have the majority. Cable companies are slowly becoming obsolete and turning into Internet service providers.