Xbox 360 Spouse Hates Me


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Dec 14, 2012
I was playing this game for a while before I finally got fed up with the spouse I had created in the game. I made it so that we were married from the get-go and even modeled her after my real-life spouse, but a few weeks into the game (game weeks, not real time) my spouse started hating me all of a sudden. Every time I would walk past her or she would walk past me, a balloon would pop over her head with a picture of me in it, inside a red circle with a slash through it, then she would "boo" at me and get a red negative line over her head. I didn't cheat on her, so what gives?!
Ha ha! That's hilarious!! I played this game for a little while before I got bored with it, but nothing like that ever happened to me. Did your Sim get a new job or start doing anything different? Did your Sim start doing anything that you had created the spouse Sim to dislike?