Xbox 360 Status code 800700e8


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Apr 21, 2024
I'm getting this error message when I try to download some games from my Download History. It just happens in a few of them but it's annoying that I can't download certain games. The error appears always on the same games.
I looked up some troubleshooting steps for this status code and found these pages.

I did all that. I cleared the cache, did a rollback and reinstalled all updates once more, unplugged my modem/router, waited 5 minutes, plugged everything back in again. The problem still remains every time I try downloading the games that always come up with that message.


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I came across some reddit posts but one answer was that the xbox 360 store was shutting down, which doesn't make much sense as it will happen until June 2024 if I'm not mistaken. The other post said that the region was wrong. However, I haven't changed my region and I'm able to download other games as well.