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  1. J

    Xbox 360 Status code 800700e8

    I'm getting this error message when I try to download some games from my Download History. It just happens in a few of them but it's annoying that I can't download certain games. The error appears always on the same games. I looked up some troubleshooting steps for this status code and found...
  2. F

    Xbox 360 offlien update file

    Hello! I need help with the xbox 360 system update. I just got an Xbox 360 and I can't connet to xbox live and play with newer games because I have to update the system. When I got to the xbox page a found the link but it brought me to a "404 not found" page. I contacted customer support but...
  3. T

    Xbox 360 Download Profile Error

    Recently I've been having a lot of issues trying to download my main Xbox profile on to my 360. Basically what happens is I enter my email/password, the profile begins to download and then after 10-15 minutes it comes up with an error message and fails to download it. I know this has been a...
  4. M

    Xbox 360 Gamertag Change

    Does anyone here still have access to an Xbox 360? I want to reset my gamertag for a fresh start on the Xbox series x but my gamertag is over the new 12 character limit. In the UK prices for a used 360 are becoming extortionate. Is there anyone here who has access to a 360 be willing to change...
  5. J

    Xbox 360 Original Xbox Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 on Xbox 360 S

    I have an Xbox 360 S Model 1439 and I really wanted to play the original Xbox Star Wars battlefront 1&2. So I bought a 250 GB Microsoft Xbox 360 S hard drive Model 1451 and both Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 as disc's. When I insert the CD of either game the main menu screen recognizes that Star...
  6. L

    Xbox 360 My system don't update

    (How many times have I asked this in other forums...) Well, it turns out that if I want to connect my xbox 360 to live, I get that I need an update to connect. It asks me if I want to update, I choose yes, and I get an error saying "there was an error, let's fix it" or something like that. I get...
  7. A

    Xbox 360 USB Controller

    Hello I have an xbox 360 and I want to play with my brother again after a long time but I only have a healthy controller but have a usb controller. Can I connect it to my xbox or use my phone as a controller?
  8. C

    Xbox 360 Slim model won't connect to the internet

    Hope this is cool to post here, I've been trying to connect my Xbox to the internet for hours now and I just can't. It's giving me an IP Address Error. I've tried everything, restarting both the console and router, creating a static IP Address, restarting to factory defaults, nothing's worked...
  9. B

    Xbox 360 Can’t connect to my Xbox account, problem with credentials (error 80151103)

    So this started last night. I’ve changed my password multiple times, used the right email and password but it still won’t work. There is a message that says “Sorry, there’s a problem with the credentials that you’re using to sign in. Go to to fix the problem. 80151103”...
  10. S

    Xbox One TY The Tasmanian Tiger Looks Pretty Darn Good On Xbox One

  11. A

    Xbox 360 Wired network issues

    Hi, I am trying to set up a wired internet connection to connect my PC to xbox 360 live, so that I can play with a friend who live's in a different house. When I try to bridge connection it says that I need two "LAN" or highspeed internet connections that are not being used by internet...
  12. L

    Xbox 360 Tv, music, movies Doesnt show on DashBoard.

    I just got Xbox 360 and i noticed that a lot ppl got on Xbox 360 DashBoard music, tv, music but on mine dashboard this is not showing up. I wanna fix that or enable that, Thanks!
  13. C

    Xbox 360 Downloading account error

    Hi all... I am having a problem with trying to download my full account. I recently tried to add my account onto my xbox 360 after deleting it off their for a while. I went to download account put in my credentials just fine it gets to loading about 1/10 of my account up. Then proceeds to...
  14. LodleLive

    Original Xbox Code 07 appears when I turn on Xbox

    Hello, I have recently got my original Xbox down from the attic, band when I turned it on, it worked, but the disc tray wouldn't open, I tried a method to try and get it open, but it wouldn't open, and eventually, when I turned it on, the code 07 error appeared on my screen. How do I fix it?
  15. M

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 account recovery?

    So I was playing Skate 3 earlier, (on my Xbox one) and saw that you can open the Xbox 360 menu on any backwards compatible games, by pressing the button to the left of thev Xbox logo. From there, I could view all my friends' old profiles and even look at all my acheivements from my old games. I...
  16. Z

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

    Hello - I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to this stuff so please hang with me. I am interested in updating my Xbox 360 to have Backwards compatibility with OG Xbox games. Specifically MVP Baseball 04. I have one of those external Xbox hard drives and a 4GB USB thumb drive. Can I make this...
  17. G

    Xbox 360 What dashboard does the xbox 360 original have?

    Hi, Just wanted to know what dashboard the attached system has currently (Date: 15 / 06 / 2020). Thanks.
  18. Ascotor

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Not Syncing Profile Picture

    I decided to start using my Xbox 360 again during quarantine. I have a new Microsoft account so I downloaded the profile on to the 360. I messed around with the avatar editor and ended up changing my profile picture to one of the avatar images. It showed up fine on the 360, however, it did not...
  19. S

    XBOX Live GOLD Giveaway

  20. K

    Xbox 360 Help finding a game

    Hey guys! I’ve been looking for a specific game for a while and can’t seem to remember the name. I do remember that it was set in Europe In the 1800-1900s You were a young ruler You had people coming to you to make choices for your “kingdom” that affected how others would see you You had...