Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Controllers


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Jul 8, 2012
Does anyone use a steering wheel controller when they play racing games? We have one for our Wii that we use when we play Mario Kart Racing, but we don't have one for our other consoles. The Wii steering wheel controller is kind of cheesy, honestly, so I'm just curious as to whether or not the Xbox 360 one is any better.
I wish we had one of those!! We don't have many racing games though, so we haven't gotten around to buying one yet. I haven't heard anything about the Xbox 360's wireless steering wheel controller being "cheesy", but the one that I have my eyes on is a lot different from the Wii version. It's much more than just the steering wheel; it also has a foot stand with gas and brake pedals. :D
I want a steering wheel controller for the 360, but I haven't gotten one yet. I think they would make the racing games more fun, and just maybe I would be able to keep my car on the track! :)
I'd like to have that one that all_abt_games is talking about, with the foot pedals and all. I would definitely play more racing games if we had something like that! I don't think I would buy just the steering wheel though; that's not much different from a regular controller, or at least that's my opinion. :)
I have tried a few before on another setup but I never really liked them. Something always felt a little off and I am not sure if its the material used or what but they always felt like they could break at any given moment.
I agree with Eddie; all of the steering wheel controllers that I have ever used felt light and cheap. I like the idea of the one that all_abt_games is talking about, but I bet it would be expensive!