Xbox 360 Still Amazed

Miss X

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Sep 22, 2011
Is it silly to say, I am still amazed at the Kinect for the Xbox 360? I had thought the Wii was cool, until I saw a Kinect being used at a Play n Trade. I was floored, that your body was the controller for the games. It is just crazy, what the gaming industry can come up with! Anyone have any ideas, on what the next big thing will be? Games controlled by only our minds? ;)
Ugh, I read a book where you controlled computer games with your mind, and then the computer's AI started messing with people, making them do horrible things and even killing them sometimes! So. Scary.
You might have been kidding, Miss X, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happens eventually. I saw a program on this a few months ago. I think the technology was originally meant for quadraplegics as a way to use computers, but it's already being developed.
I'm all for that! Controlling it with my mind! I love the Kinect too - I don't own one yet but I will be an owner soon. I want to see how good it works first. I'm actually going to a friend's house this weekend and they have it. I'm going to get my move on!
Have fun this weekend! When I was at the Play n Trade, I actually took over some game a guy was playing. He was just testing it out, because he wanted to buy one for his kids. Anyway, that day was the longest I have ever spent at a gamestore. I knew the Kinect was for me!
The Kinect is indeed one of the most awesome things I've purchased in the last year. I do not regret one cent spent on this device. And, apparently, they have been working on brain-controlled video games for quite some time. I don't know if they've succeeded perfecting the technology, but there's a company called Emotiv Systems that has some sort of helmet designed for this purpose:

Emotiv (dot) com
I think the Kinect is neat, but it would be neater if they got all of the kinks worked out in terms of the controls. There also needs to be more attention paid to developing quality Kinect games; almost half the games I've played I've regretted purchasing.
I don't own a Kinect myself, but played that Dance Central game on one that a friend of mine owns. I fell in love with it immediately. But 360vixen is right - it does have some kinks in it and it would be really nice to see them work those out in the next version they release. It was also be nice to see them drop the price on it, so that I could buy one for myself!
Controlled by our minds - now that would be impressive and freaky all at the same time. I do love the Kinect too - technology sure is changing. I wish that Nintendo would make the Wii U similar but I don't think they will.
A friend of mine is going out this weekend to get himself one. I have never played it other than a store demo so I plan to test it out this weekend and see if I like it enough to buy it or not.