Xbox 360 Still playing Battlefield 2?


New Member
Oct 7, 2012
Does anyone still play Battlefield 2? I saw it for dirt cheap at the store yesterday and wasn't sure if I wanted to get it or not. I heard this was one of the better games in the Battlefield series. Is this true?
I still play Battlefield 2. The action is insane! I have to say all of the levels are top notch and exciting. If the game was cheap like you said, i would go out and pick it up.
I have played it a couple of times before, I lent it from someone though for only a week. It was a great game! I would also pick this up in store if I saw it going for fairly cheap.
Battlefield 2 is the real deal, I mean the action, the story, the guns? its legit, not only the Campaign mode but the online play is the real deal too, you should definitely pick it up if you saw it cheap...