Xbox 360 Stinktacular!


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Oct 7, 2012
I hope you didn't pay too much for it. I actually got it for free from a buddy. If this game came out 6 years ago, it would have been great. 10 Years ago? A revelation! 2011? Wow.

I did have fun, in a 10 year old, blow stuff up, poop jokes kind of way. Something about it just felt heavy handed, and childish.

The gameplay was ok, and some of the levels were inventive. Multiplayer just stunk. totally.

Am I completely wrong? Did someone have a very different experience than I did?
I haven't tried it yet. I loved Duke Nukem 1 & 2, and was ok with Duke 3D (although, as my first FPS, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not), but I heard that this one included an inordinate amount of nudity and language. Was that your experience?
I played Duke Nukem: Time To Kill on my old Playstation 1 as a kid alot. I really liked but from various sources I have heard Forever is not such a good game and not worth your time. Guess I'll have to try it out sometime.
It sounds like the kind of game that one would want to rent or borrow first, before deciding whether or not to go buy it. It also sounds like the kind of game that I won't be that interested in playing, much less owning. Thanks for the comments!
Nobody would care about it if it wasn't a Duke Nukem title.

Yeah, it was a pretty bad game...My hubby liked it, but he knew what to expect and didn't pay full price for it, so he wasn't disappointed. I think we got it new for like $10 at a Black Friday sale at Gamestop.
I got it for Christmas last year. It was okay at best, several years too late. To go with DaveC's explanation if this was released in 2006 it would've been great and seen as the revival of the series. Past 2010 it was going to be regulated to budget game status, but priced only because it was Duke Nukem.
HA! That sounds like the kind of game an old person would get their kid for Christmas with the yellow $9.99 sticker still on the box, no booklet, and stock game store cover. You sir, got a rock. Not because the game was bad, but just because you got it for Christmas.

Duke Forever had its good moments, but it wasn't a game you'd get at full price. If you go in thinking it's a Duke Nukem game and not expecting lush environments, morality trees, deep storylines, open worlds, factions, branching storylines, and all the other stuff that spoiled gamers who came in during Gen7 and up then you've got a good old school-type shooter and a good Duke game.

There are things that could've been done to bring the game into the 2010s (half of the stuff mentioned above), but yeah. If that studio had the staff Duke Forever could've been a poverty Fallout 3 or Far Cry 2 (as opposed to seeming like something they worked on during the weekends hence the long wait).
Yeah StreetShark, you got a rock. Duke Nukem Forever wasn't bad, it's just that it took far too long to come out and by that time better games had already populated the landscape. The dated nature of the game really showed because of that. However, if you're looking for a straight up Duke game and not something groundbreaking or whatever, Duke Forever delivers.
This game should've popped up around 2005-2008...a hard 2008. The closer it got to the point where it released the less impressive it looked. That said, it doesn't suck completely. It's a Duke game...which should be the go to excuse for this lol "It's a Duke game, what are you gonna do, right? It's just a Duke game."
Let's just hope the new game (if it's Duke Nukem) actually comes out in a tighter release window. I want the game (whatever it will be) to be a tight game and to be at least a good title, but at least get it out to when we'll remember it was actually in development.
For some reason I'm skeptical about the game being something truly amazing even with the time. If it turns out being a Duke game like Outrun said, it's a Duke game. It shouldn't be sold short, but you shouldn't go in expecting Bioshock, Fallout, or one of those heavy hitters.
I'm going to expect Fallout, Zelda, 90s Final Fantasy, good Rare, and Bioshock all rolled into one super game, just because you said that we shouldn't get our hopes up.
That's putting too much pressure on them. Some pressure is a good thing, but to make such a game and keep it as Duke as possible...
I'm going to expect Fallout, Zelda, 90s Final Fantasy, good Rare, and Bioshock all rolled into one super game, just because you said that we shouldn't get our hopes up.

That's a game I'd buy based on cinematic screens alone and 20 seconds of gameplay footage.
Terrible game. Even the boobs on the walls squirting what I assume is milk couldn't save this game.