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Aug 26, 2012
Below you can find the reviews for Stoked. If you have any questions that the reviews didn't answer, start a new thread on the forum. Played the game already? Rate it above and tell us why you did or didn’t like it. Better yet, write your own user review!

7.5 out of 10 - Game Spot
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What Stoked lacks in frills it more than makes up for in snowboarding thrills.

7.5 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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Stoked is priced at a sweet, sweet $40. So even if a tricks-splosion isn’t your personal boarding nirvana, there’s enough great stuff in this game that you’d be crazy to not check it out.

6.9 out of 10 - IGN
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It’s actually pretty darn close to being a good snowboarding game. The physics and the general act of hopping onto a board and carving, leaping, and tricking your way down the mountain could be much tighter than they are, as could the general design and progression of the gameplay, but touches like snazzy weather effects, cool challenges online and (eventually) in single-player will please the diehard boarders out there.