Xbox 360 Story Behind XBox Name


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Mar 8, 2012
Did anyone know that Xbox was originally going to be named DirectX? After it was developed, they shortened it to Xbox. However, one or more people on the marketing team didn't like the name. When it went to the focus groups, they included Xbox with the other choices. I assume they were expecting the participants to confirm their dislike for the name. As it turned out, Xbox was chosen by far more people than any of the other names.
DirectX sounds like a great name for a computer program, but for some reason I like Xbox better for the name of a console. I guess it doesn't matter much, since it's all about the games, but I think they made the right decision here.
I was kind of surprised that they were going to choose DirectX. I can see people getting it confused with DirecTV, or at least thinking there was a connection. Actually, I do think that the name matters although I agree that the game itself is the most important thing. The name is your first impression of something, though, and Xbox sounds more in sync with playing games than DirectX.
i always thought the X was for Xperience, because xbox was creating something new and different in the gaming world