Strange behaviour with GWG Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

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    I ‘Bought’ Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb as a FREE GWG game, however it doesn’t show up in my Game library on my XboxOne OR the Xbox app on my iPad.....when I search for
    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb On the Xbox app, I get an error message.....all other games ‘ appear’ to be in my game library and searching proves no problem. I spent hours chatting to an Xbox expert gamer and then to a more advanced expert, but didn’t really get anywhere. IMO the game has a coding error or some form of glitch, preventing the aforementioned from happening. Not sure there is much I can do except hope Xbox finally sort it.

    Wish there were an option to list game titles in the Xbox App, by their name, the graphics look good, but are sometimes difficult to read.

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