Original Xbox Takes a long time to read discs...


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Jun 26, 2012
I recently bought a used original xbox and it takes around 10-13 seconds to read discs... I've tried it with all my games and some of them barely have any scratches. I've took the Xbox apart and blew a lot of dust out of it with compressed air, I did the same with the DVD-drive too, hoping it would fix it. It's a Samsung DVD drive, that's all I really know. Do I need to buy a replacement dvd drive or is there another way to fix it?

edit: it happens with audio CDs and games | it just took 46 seconds to read Oddworld Munch's Oddysee which has no scratches
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Have you tried clearing the cache? That may help...Goto My Xbox-->System Settings-->Memory and select 'Y' to clear the cache. Let us know if that works or not!
The cheap and easy start is to use a DVD cleaner disc to try to clean the disc drive lense. Other than that It could be a damaged or mis-aligned laser in the drive that is VERY tricky to fix. If the cleaner disc won't work just swap out the drive.