tc division: breakdown(written)

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    Jun 23, 2013
    found this link tonight:
    Investigating ?Tom Clancy?s: The Division? - The Frederick News-Post : Weave To The Write

    seems to be a decent breadown ofthe trailer everyone has seen a million times over but hits on the key points of the game and how it should work. the scanning of objects/people. the map layout with mission/objectives your wrist/skill/atributes, the alternate routes/side missions.

    the still think the sweetest feature is the tablet intigration...

    what is a new thing for me or that i read is how you move in an enviroment is dictated by the envirmonet like when useing the steps you actually walk up the steps not just them being their. some games u stand on the steps or railing and it dosnt really matter. adds a bit of realism to the game.. kinda cool they are looking at those small details.