TeamSpeak for Android


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Jan 21, 2012
Anyone used an app like this before? A friend is playing around with it and for being free its not too shabby. It does randomly drop him if he ques up too quick but otherwise its fairly consistent.
I've never used TeamSpeak before, but after watching a YouTube clip about it, honestly I can't see where you would ever need it on your phone. Isn't TeamSpeak geared more towards computer gamers?
I have used both TS and Vent on the computer but right now we have moved everything over to TS, it seems to work better with the most current version of something. I am not sure what, we have an IT dude for that stuff. I have never even seen one for a phone before but when he comes over to visit next weekend I am going to ask him more about it, I know we both have android phones but I have no idea if its a specialty app or what.
Can you tell me what team speak is? I've never heard of it before. Thanks for the link to the Android forum though - I love my Droid and love to talk about it. I don't use team speak or vent and have no idea what either is.