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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Amazing Spider-Man cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

The Amazing Spider-Man Unlockables/Cheats

Easy XP and Tech Points
In Chapter 1: Oscorp Is Your Friend, you will fight the S-01. You earn 2,000 XP and 150 Tech Points for each kill, which usually takes under four minutes. Keep defeating the S-01 as many times as you wish to quickly level up and max out your available skills.

Black suit (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
Finish the game with a 100% completion and you will unlock the Black suit (The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

Classic suit
Register any of the game's DLC (including any pre-order code you may have received) to unlock the Classic suit (Sam Raimi trilogy) in Peter's apartment.

Cross Species costume
Finish the game on any difficulty to unlock the Cross Species Spider-Man costume.

Original suit (no belt)
Once you start the game, go to Peter’s apartment and look at the alternate costumes. The original suit will be amongst those in the closet.

50th Anniversary Party Hat
Disconnect your system from the internet, and set your system clock to anytime in August 2012 to unlock the Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Party Hat at Peter's apartment.

Time selection
Finish Story mode, then go to your apartment, and exit. A menu will come up that allows you to reset the time of day.

Comic book page finder
There are a total of 700 comic book pages in the game. 600 pages are in fixed locations while 100 are flying about. Collect 500 comic book pages to unlock the comic book page finder on the mini map. These will appear on the mini-map as yellow dots.

Bonus costumes
After you have unlocked the camera, disconnect the internet from your system and set the clock to December 23, 2012 or later. After that, go to the locations indicated below and take a photo of the hidden Spider-Man emblem and you will unlock the corresponding suit in Peter’s apartment:

Big Time costume
The hidden Spider-Man emblem is on the glass behind the red bleachers.

Black suit (Sam Raimi trilogy)
Go to the left of the main Oscorp Building downtown, enter the narrow park near the Daily Bugle and look under the Gazebo to find the hidden Spider-Man emblem.

Future Foundation costume
One block right of the north bridge (near the Oscorp Lab along New York's north side), search a small alley behind the gas station/store to find the hidden Spider-Man emblem.

Negative Zone costume
The Beenox building is the second building from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the hidden Spider-Man emblem is on top of it.

Scarlet Spider (2012) suit
Start from the fountain in the middle of Central Park and head north until you arrive at the middle bridge. You will see a red Spider-Man emblem on its right side.

Comic books
Collect the indicated number of hidden pages to unlock the corresponding comic book:

First Black Cat: 125 pages

First Gwen Stacy: 350 pages

First Iguana: 250 pages

First Lizard: 15 pages

First Rhino: 50 pages

First Scorpion: 80 pages

First Smythe: 500 pages

First Spider-Man: 5 pages

Modern Lizard: 30 pages

Vs. Vermin: 175 pages

Guitar Hero reference
To find a pawn shop in the city, just look for a red-and-green sign that says “PAWN SHOP” or “BUY SELL”. If you look inside the windows of any of them, you will see a couple of old Guitar Hero controllers for sale.

Stan Lee references
The landlord of Peter’s apartment is called Stan, and he gets mentioned in the game many times. In the Amazon DLC, you will come to learn this is a reference to Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man and many other Marvel superheroes. There is a part where Stan makes reference to his inclusion in the game by saying that this is his “best cameo ever”.

Easy "Clean Victory" achievement
During the "Hunter Fight" chapter, try getting close to the Hunter repeatedly and using Web-Strike to defeat it. You will need between three to five strikes to defeat the Hunter. Remember not to use your Web-Shooters during this fight in order to get the "Clean Victory" achievement. You can also attract a Hunter by using the Seeker robots. Let one lock-on to you, and then it will call in a Hunter. Defeat the Hunter using Web-Strike to get the "Clean Victory" achievement.

Easy "I'm On A Roll" achievement
Early in the game, during the "Beloit Psychiatric Hospital" chapter, you will be required to use a computer terminal. After using it, you will have to climb into the vent to overlook a prison room filled with inmates. Jump down and run to the doors with the inmates next to them to get as many inmates as possible to follow you. Once many of them are crowded around you, just keep performing combos on them and using your special move to keep the combo streak going and get the "I'm On A Roll" achievement.

Easy "The Sky Is The Limit" achievement
During the "S-01 Fight" chapter, you will fight the large robot named S-01. To earn "The Sky Is The Limit" achievement, you must defeat it without ever touching the ground. Just keep tapping [Swing] while using Web-Strike and you will achieve this.
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