The Death of PC Gaming

Is PC gaming dead?

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Oct 31, 2012
Growing up, I was always a huge PC gamer. My parents introduced me to computers at an incredibly young age and I started using them for gaming when I was around the age of 8. Through high school, I'd be willing to bet I owned - or at least played almost every major release from and before that time. PC gaming used to be incredible; even today I occasionally play some of my favorite classic RPGs (Fallout, Planescape, etc.), but today things are much different in the PC gaming world.

Around the time that the 360 and PS3 were released, computer games were showing their decline. Everyone wanted to get their game produced for the shiny new consoles instead of jumping through the hoops required to meet hardware limitations, distribution, and to compete with the growing rate of piracy. There were some pretty great PC-exclusive releases (and there are still a few gems today), but the fact of the matter comes down to this: PC gaming is dying.

We all knew it was going to happen eventually, and unless something incredible changes in the PC gaming industry, I feel like we're circling the drain at this point. Everything is becoming cross-platform; even once exclusive titles are being released on what was once considered the competition's playing field. Old games are being made available for the new generation consoles, and PC gaming is being boiled down to these remaining genres: indie gaming, massively multiplayer gaming, and browser gaming.

It's only a matter of time before these too cross into the console gaming world, and then PC gaming is going to be a second-hand option for gamers who refuse to make the shift to console gaming. I've always preferred playing games on my computer, but keeping up with the hardware requirements is much more expensive and a pain in the ass than buying a disk and being ready to play with almost instant access. These days you can even watch Netflix through your console, and even directly jack your mouse and keyboard into the USB ports of newer models. It's almost like the media aspect of a computer has been stripped straight out and put into different hardware, and now that you can even browse the Internet, it brings to question: what's going to be left for computers in 10 years down the road?

That's just my two cents; PC gaming had a great run, but unless something changes (and soon), there's not going to be a market left for gaming on a computer.
What do you think, is PC gaming dead?
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Console gaming is better IMO, you dont need to sit 2 feet from a monitor Lol, play on the bigscreen and now all the good games for PC are on either xbox or ps3. :)

Get a console
I have both I and I play PC way more than Xbox.
Also, PC gaming dead?
You fucking serious? If anything it's in it's prime. :)
Have you heard of steam? It's a whole gaming community with your own profile, groups, and online and singleplayer gaming. PM's and it's easier to record gameplay if you have fraps.
I think it's better than Xbox personally.
Go check it out.
Before you reach such a conclusion, ask yourself how many people in the world have gaming consoles versus those who have PCs? The answer is undoubtedly obvious: there are many PC owners compared to those who own consoles. Now tell me which gaming method is popular. We can't just hype the goodness of Console games without considering the numbers my friend.

PC GAMING FOREVER....I even Play Midtown Madness..:D
You have a nice opinion here. But... Let me ask you... Are you smoking pot? PC gaming is not dead man... It's the consoles who are on their last leg. I love consoles, but let's face it, the PC is more flexible when it comes to playing games. You could play more games pp. the PC as compared to consoles. There are more free games on the PC. The PC is more powerful than a console. I could go on and on man. But hey, this is only my opinion too.
Personal Computer gaming isn't dead. Push come to shove, Valve makes sure it survives with steam. The problem is that the landscape itself is changing. The computer will always be more powerful because it's upgradable. But the issue comes in with developers. They talk about how powerful the pc is and the like. Yet they constantly give preference to the home systems first. Even Id, a company that was beloved by PC gamers is now the bane of them because of this very act of saying one thing, yet doing another. And then when you look at the sales of multiplaform games, the PC is almost always the one in the last place spot.

If pc gaming ever did die, it would be because of the developers and their lies, not the fans.
Hey I'm in my teens and I prefer PC gaming over consoles. The graphics are much better and there are no annoying 4 year-olds calling you a "n00b"