Xbox 360 The Kinect 2


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Oct 11, 2012
Have you heard of the Xbox Kinect 2? Speculations say that the Kinect 2 will be released at the same time as Windows 8. It also states that there would be much improved motion sensing capabilities that would be able to detect even the slightest of movements. Do you have any news on this?
Really? I haven't even heard of the Kinect 2. Has Microsoft formally announced it? What improvements does it offer?
Well, there is a certain buzz in the internet regarding the Kinect 2 but these are just speculations. It is said that the Kinect 2 will be a thoroughly enhanced version of the original Kinect that even lip movements could be detected. Well, that me be an exaggeration but I hope that it turns out to be true. Some sources say that the Kinect 2 may be released some time in 2013.
I hope they make it smaller and maybe lower the price a bit.
Price would always be a factor here. I do think that the pricing strategy that Microsoft would use will either make or break the Kinect 2. With the Oculus Rift and the Wii U to compete with, Microsoft has got its hands full this time.
It better be good.
I don't want what the regular Kinect has...geez I just don't like how dumb and stiff my character looked.
Also I had to stand SOOOO far fucking back from the Kinect you don't even know. -_-
So this better be good, they need to tweak a LOT of things from the basic kinect...
What?! The Kinect 2?! Why have I not heard about this until right now?! I think a Kinect 2 system could be an awesome thing! However, for me to upgrade it would either need to be rather cheap, or have a ton of new wonderful features.
I have not heard any talk of a Kinect 2 and I get regular updates from Microsoft about new Xbox products. Since Windows 8 was released last week and I still haven't heard anything I would say this might be a little wishful thinking/urban myth. I am sure it will come someday but I don't think it will be anytime soon.