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Apr 14, 2012
I just loved the original Xbox controller. It was so different for its time and even though the Nintendo 64 had a similar layout to analog sticks it was beefier, which made it great for bigger hands. The PS controller has always been so small, I believe it's because over in Japan people don't tend to have large hands.
I quite like the PS controller. I wish I could plug it into my 360. Maybe the next gen consoles with have an universal plug like the USB for their controllers but I highly doubt it.
Speaking of the "Duke" controller... im modding one. is there any way to put LEDs into a USB modded version? does the +5V pin on the motherboard still put out 5 Volts even when connected to my power supply? I would like to put some purple LEDs into it, right behind my custom jewel. the theme is: "if boba fetts green paint was purple and his red paint was black, but still with silver"

sorry this is a little off topic, but i didnt want to make a new topic if one about the controller already existed...
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I prefer the Playstation controller in terms of shape, it fits much better in my hands than that of Xbox. I agree with MoonSpinner a universal USB controller design would be great, just like it is for computers.
There's no denying that the PS controller is a classic but I do love the Xbox S controller as well. I never experienced the original controller as I came to the Xbox party a little late, but the smaller S controller was always one of my favourites.
n64 had only one analog stick? it really has no comparison to it.. if anything its a fat play station controller lol. I never liked the big ones the smaller ones were better
I believe it's because over in Japan people don't tend to have large hands.
Haha, oh my God.

Anyway I was never a fan of the original controller, I thought the controls were clunky. I also own a PS3 and I have a copycat original Xbox controller that I can plug into the USB, but the truth is that I'm so used to the original 360 and PS3 controllers that anything else feels foreign in my hands.

I've kind of got the copycat controller stored away just in case I break my wireless controller, but I think I'd rather wait and buy a new one than use it just because it's so uncomfortable and unresponsive. Granted since it's not a real original controller it's probably got different sensitivity and handling, but it still feels large and uncomfortable in my hands when I'm using it.
I like to hold the Playstation controller personally. It feels much grippier and easier to grasp. Also, the original Xbox controller was hard to hold comfortably and it was sometimes awkward.
Call me crazy, but I actually liked the original Xbox controller. I know most other people hated it, and loved the PlayStation controller. I have smaller hands, so maybe I just like the way it feels better! Who knows?
I'm a female... and I'm small. Alongside that, I have really small hands. All of the bigger controllers, such as the original Xbox controller, enver settled well with me.
As you said, it was great for people with bigger hands. I didn't have that therefore, it didn't work well for me. The new Xbox controller is a nice size-downgrade for me.
My hands are rather small too so the smaller the controller is, the better. Unlike my best friend who has this huge hands and rolls his eyes every time I invite him over to play games.
I never really paid much attention to the controllers when gaming, most of them seemed to be just fine to me, as long as the game was good I wouldn't notice negatives about the controller.
I do agree that the xbox controller is very comfortable. :D
My Xbox came with a controller S when I bought it, but I'm definitely planning to buy a used Duke online. The huge Duke controller is a piece of Xbox history and I wouldn't feel like my Xbox collection was complete without one. Some of my older Xbox games from 2002 have tutorials at the beginning of the game where they show the controls and a picture of a Duke pops up on the screen. I'm definitely going to collect all the old Xbox accessories, including that giant controller for Steel Battalion.

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The only difference between the original and 360 controllers is the bumpers near the triggers.
The only difference between the original and 360 controllers is the bumpers near the triggers.

The button layout is similar but the size is different. The original Xbox Duke controller was huge.

The Controller S looks more like the Xbox 360 controller in size. The Duke has a bulkier shape.
This is the Controller S.
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