The price on the new nVidia GTX 690 card


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Apr 12, 2012
I've been waiting for a while now to update my PC's graphics card and when I checked out some items today I came across this new card with a ridiculous price tag. I know this is the price for new technology but spending over $1000 on a video card seems more than a little over the line. I wonder how long it will take until the price gets cut in half.
I don't see the need for the 590, just get a 580 or some radeon card. It will run games well enough, and by the time it dies out, get the 590 which is probably going to be ~500
I wish i could justify spending so much on one, I'm probably going to spend the money i would be spending on next gen on my pc so maybe then.
Yeah, if you want to get a new video card, you should just get a whole computer instead. Start fresh.
Video cards should never go beyond 500$, at least for me. I don't think you will be needing something so powerful so soon, so get a cheaper one now.
It's among the newer cards they've made, so the price tag will be high for some time. They've started announcing the 700 series cards now, so 600 will start to come down.

I bought a GTX 560 ti 448 card earlier this year for £150 and it provides enough power for me. I can overclock it a lot for extra power, and it's SLI compatible.
But having said all this, even though it maxes out almost every game so far, I don't mind turning graphics down - some people do.

Still, I wouldn't pay more than £300 for a graphics card, it's only one component out of many that will determine how good your PC will play games.

(Unless you have an unlimited quantity of money, In that case, get two GTX Titan's in an Asus Sabertooth motherboard with an i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM)
Agreed, there's no point in future-proofing your build because it'll be cheaper to upgrade. There's no reason to buy anything above a GTX 670; you get better performance by using SLI on 2 graphics cards at the same price. Xiaou, I recommend using an i7 extreme with 32 GB of RAM if you're going all out for no reason. Might as well get 30 monitors while you're at it.
You could run a car on quad SLId GTX 690s. And all you would have to do to fly is over clock it :p