The Verge's write up on Microsoft's E3 2016

I can agree with that. I am also excited about all the changes they mentioned about minecraft during the live streams.
Yeah, the add-ons on top of the fact that there seems to be a push for VR support to it (hololens last year..) is making me think they're investing in MC in the long run. Who knows how much more is coming, next-gen minecraft like games aren't as far away as you'd think.
I think the write up breaks down everything people have been wanting to know fair enough. The thing with E3 is that there's that much said it's easy to miss points and you end up surprised when something happens even though nobody else is as they've took more notice than you have on a particular subject.
Yep! This e3 was kind of under/overwhelming all in the same breath, there were so many amazing announcements but there was also so much "meh idc" this time around that it's easily one of the strangest e3's so far
Over the years there have been ground-breaking E3's and others that haven't really told us anything, and I think this one falls into the latter category.

Maybe we've been spoiled in recent years and we've been wowed by new games and technology but this time that isn't the case.