Xbox 360 The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Achievements


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Sep 25, 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Achievement List

DLC: Starved For Help (Episode 2)

Going Hungry (10)
Complete chapter 1 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

You start Episode 2 off by utilizing the bushes for a dramatic sneak-up-from-behind kill. 3 months have passed since the scenario back at the pharmacy, and you somehow stumbled upon a young version of Bill Gates. Choose the dialogue options that best seem fit as you and him take a stroll through the forest. It won't be long until you both come across a bird. Choose to either have Bill Gates over there try to kill it for food or leave it be. Whichever path you choose will spark someone screaming from afar. You'll follow the scream, which leads you to a couple of boyscouts and their leader..................who somehow is held down by a bear trap. Of course, zombies are in the area and will engage you. Whether you choose to try to save the boyscout leader or abandon him for snack time, you unlock the achievement.

Conversation Killer (10)
Complete chapter 2 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

After making that tough decision back at the bear trap site, you and whoever survived will retreat to the new sanctuary for zombie survivors. Upon your arrival, a heated conversation will strike up amongst the gang, but mostly between Kenny and Lilly. Be rational and logical for the first dialogue menu. As for the second, I'd personally choose the "........" option. The way I see it is you at least put your two cents in the first time around. Furthermore, it's best if you allow Kenny and Lilly argue between one another without your brown nose (saw what was done there) interering. If you decide to take Kenny's side on the matter, then Lilly will have "don't talk to me Lee" figuratively stamped on her forehead throughout the remainder of the episode and put you in charge of handling what's left of the rations (four pieces of food). When distributing food, give to the following people:

----Clementine (for obvious reasons)
----Don't forget to help Clem find her hat.
----Duck (to score brownie points with his family)
----Lilly (to possibly score brownie points with her and/or looney Larry)
----Mark (he's cool, is just as logical and just as you, and is helping border the entrance to the headquarters)
----Him and Larry will ask for your fireman axe. As much as you may despise Larry, giving him the weapon will actually initiate a touching moment alittle bit later in the chapter. Choose Mark, though, if you wish.

Although Larry (who can be seen in Grumpy Old Men and the sequel) is working on the border as well, it doesn't negate the fact that he's a colostomy bag full o' douchebagness. He would continue to behave that way even if you decide to have a kind heart and give him some food. Kenny will eventually approach you to have a talk. Respond to him effectively. Katjaa will call out your name and Kenny soon after to report that whoever you rescued back at the bear trap site didn't make it. Kenny will become frustrated and stressed. As soon as a dialogue menu appears for Katjaa, the dead survivor in the trunk will rise up grasp her head. Follow the button prompts to deal with the zombie until Mark or Larry comes with the fireman axe and helps you. The achievment will unlock soon after.

Thank You for Shopping (10)
Complete chapter 3 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Two men carrying empty gasoline containers will begin to surpass your headquarters after, yet, another walker episode from earlier. It turns out that, by your stroke of luck, they reside in a farm and claim to have a lot of food. They'll make you an offer you can't refuse (had to make a Godfather reference); help them obtain some gasoline in exchange for food. Knowing that they're just as human as you and the bunch are and have practically no food, accept the agreement. Lee and a few other guys will accompany you. Expect some dialogue menus to pop up along the way to the farm. It's crucial for new survivors to get acquainted with you. Respond truthfully, and you'll end up at their farm in no time! You and the crew will be greeted by their mother. Be prepared for some dialogue here. Remember that your main goal for now is to maintain a good relationship with your new pals and their mother. They're the ones with ample food, after all. You discover that the entire piece of land is protected by electrical fences, built by yours truly. Nice display of ingenuity, if you were to ask me. They need assistance with checking the condition of the fences. Check in with Mark really quick, familiarize yourself with the small area you're currently in by examining surrounding objects, and talk to Andy when you're ready to begin proving yourself useful and worthy to have around. Mark will join you in the quest for glory and start a conversation that includes a couple of dialogue menus. As you two talk amongst yourselves, you'll come across three (3) zombies who are stuck on the fence.

----Examine the first one. Then, examine the arrow until you can pull it out. Now, you can brush the zombie off of the fence.
----Examine both of the second one's hands until you can chop them both off. The creature will no longer be a nuisance to the defenses.
----Join Mark on the other side of the fence to lift it up back into place.

To no surprise, the power to the electrical fence comes on, leaving you and Mark trapped. To put the icing on the cake, there will be people attacking you in hopes of taking your lives for some reason. Utilize the tractor for cover. Examine the lever in the back to pull it so the rear plow rises out of the dirt. Next, peek around the corner of the tractor from the front and look on the ground to find a brick under a tire. Examine the brick to remove it out of the tire's way and the tractor will begin to move. Simply move along with the tractor. There will be a zombie obstructing your path. Target it to pull the zombie out of the way and place it aside on the road. Another zombie will be preventing the tractor from mobilizing. Once you deal with that one and are close enough to the farm tower (or whatever it's called), Lee will automatically kick the gate open and you and Mark will be home free. Both of them manage to make their way back to the casa and report to the brothers and mama what occurred. The rest of the original gang (except for a couple of members) will arrive soon after, along with some dialogue menus. Once group therapy ends...........for now, check in with Clem. Exhaust the dialogue menu with her. Do the same with Kenny. From there, examine the gate to enter through it and talk with the bros. Andy's brother has a strong intent to scout the area outside of the perimeter to see who was behind the attack from earlier. Lee will join him.

When you both arrive at a nearby campsite, examine all objects in the area, especially the Save Lots boxes on the table. There will be a "Dairy" box at the nucleus of the surrounding Save Lots boxes. Examine that box to shove it out of the way to reveal a camera. Examine the camera to obtain it, then walk towards the tent. On the ground will sit a bloodied bunny doll. Take a look................if you're into bloodied bunny dolls. Examine the sleeping bag to discover Clem's hat. This will initiate a confrontation with some random defensive figure, who's equipped with a crossbow. Try to reason with them; they may hold some useful information. On the other hand, they're equipped with a weapon and are mentally unstable. After dealing with this particular individual in either manner, the achievement will unlock.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (10)
Complete chapter 4 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Lee and Danny will retreat to St. John's Farm. You'll be turned over to mama. Chat with her for a tiny bit. Afterwards, head over to the barn to return Clem's hat and check in with whoever else is there. You're not done with the barn yet. Examine every stall within. There should be six (6) in total, three (3) on each side of the barn. When you're done with this tedious repetition, examine the back door to initiate dialogue with Kenny, who will appear out of nowhere. Wondering why the back door's locked? Well, keep wondering! Just kidding. Actually.......I'm not, at least up until when you:

----exit the barn.
----walk towards the yellow-colored generator and examine the compartment.
----walk to the workbench and examine the toolbox.
----return to the generator and equip the pliers to gain access to the generator's interior.
----target the power switch to turn the generator off.
----return your focus on the compartment area and equip the pliers to cut the belt part.
----return to the barn and walk to the back door. Examine each of the four (4) screws to remove them from the lock.
----open sesame (credit for the origin of the phrase goes to no other than..........the sesame plant).

By the time you're done diddle-daddling, it'll be dinner time. Lee will automatically arrive at the house. When you regain control of him, have Lee walk upstairs carefully. Examine the closet on the right and look down to the floor. Examine the orange wire to connect it. Have Lee walk towards you and enter the room on his left. Examine the bookshelf to reveal another door and another discovery. Make your way towards the first level of the house to have a strong..............dinner........discussion. The achievement will unlock around where Lee wakes.

Too Much Salt Will Kill You (15)
Complete chapter 5 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead. This achievement also won't take long to obtain. Finally.................

Lee will wake at the sound of yep, you guessed it, Larry yelling whilst indirectly lecturing Clementine on vulgar language. Choose the most comforting and positive dialogue options for incoming dialogue menus. As soon as you regain control of Lee, check in with everyone to see how they're holding up, including Clementine. Save her for last. Examine the salt licks by the door and the pallet to see if anything can be of use to you for a possible escape. After you check in with Clem, examine the boxes on the floor that are underneath a shelf. Larry will have a booby attack. Of course, Lilly will freak out and attempt to revive him. Kenny will oppose this. No matter whose side you take on this matter, Larry will still die. The achievement will unlock soon after.

Taking Charlotte (10)
Complete chapter 6 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead. This achievement is another which won't take long to obtain. Enjoy the break while you still got it!

Check in with everyone after the happy accident. Be sure to exhaust all dialogue options wherever possible. Once you talk to everyone, examine the air conditioner. Initiate dialogue with everyone once more to see if they have anything to uninstall the air conditioner. If you recall when Larry mentioned earlier in the game that he would give change, then go straight to talking to just Lilly to get her permission to loot Larry. The coins will be in the pocket on your and Lee's left. Walk to the air conditioner and examine the screws to remove it entirely. It will turn out that the duct's too small for Lee, Kenny, or Lilly. Guess who will be placing themselves in Tom Cruise's shoes? Luckily for you guys, she will actually be determined and courageous enough to go and open the door from the opposite side of the room. As soon as that door opens up, Kenny storms out of there like the fool he usually is. Follow him while Clem keeps Lilly and Larry's fresh corpse company. The next room you'll find yourself in should look familiar to you. Examine the taser that's sitting ontop of the armrest of the tub and slowly approach the front of the barn. Danny will be nestled by the entrance. Andy will soon join him. Lee and Kenny will automatically retreat to the closest stall to them. Take a peek out of the stall door when you can. You should see Danny setting a bear trap. Kenny will tell you to take another peek out of the stall. Be prepared to target the gun held by Danny to avoid getting killed. Lilly will come to the rescue with a sickle and stab Danny. Danny will fall back into the bear trap, being rendered defenseless. You're given two choices:

----Kill: Clementine will witness the act you carried out and may change her outlook on you.
----Live: Clem will remember that you spared a fellow human's life, despite how bad they are.

Choose either path and the achievement will unlock soon after.

You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer (10)
Complete chapter 7 of episode 2.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead. Also, this is another achievement which will be obtained in a short time frame. Wohoo!

A short cutscene will follow after dealing with Danny and escaping the barn. When you regain control of Lee, slowly make way towards the house. Brenda will eventually talk aloud. Choose any dialogue option. If you claim to be Andy, then Brenda will see through Lee's mediocre impersonation of Andy. Proceed with heading into the house. Brenda will hold Katjaa hostage, along with a gun pointed to her head. Brenda will tell you to halt alittle after entering through the front door. Obey her command and target her to bring up a dialogue menu. Choose the most calm and reasonable approach. Do this two more times and Katjaa will be set free. Remember to walk slowly towards Brenda and Katjaa, or you'll be shot. After dealing with Brenda, Katjaa and Lee will rush through the front door of the house. Andy will be there. Choose any dialogue menu you feel is best when prompted. A lengthy fight sequence will follow soon after. If Andy manages to grab your jacket and drag you towards the electrical fence, target his hand. If he manages to flip you onto the ground during a fist fight, target his head. Andy will end up as a part of the electrical fence, regardless of whether you end the fight early or later. Choose Andy's fate as you did for Danny's. If I were to have chosen to kill Danny, then I'd spare Andy's life. And besides, he will have to live with himself and himself only, along with a few other problems..............The achievement will unlock shortly after the cutscene and the manner in which you deal with Andy.

It's Not Stealing If You Need It (25)
Complete Episode 2: "Starved For Help"

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead. And, another achievement that doesn't require much. Yay!

So, you guys have dealt with the looney irrational brothers and their mom. Lee and the gang flee from the premises as far as possible. Sometime during, Kenny will confront you. Despite him being a whiney little old baby as usual, respond to him truthfully. Eventually, you and the bunch will detect a car from a distance, which appears to be abandoned. Choose any dialogue option to let potential survivors be aware that you're harmless humans. Slowly approach the vehicle to discover that it, indeed, is abandoned. Kenny will bring up the fact that there's a batch of vital goods in the trunk. Clem will display her usual righteous and rational self (not that it's a bad thing) by make good points on how the vehicle may not be abandoned and that nothing is yours for the taking. Kenny and his family will plunder the vehicle, whether you choose to take Clem's side or not. The achievement will unlock around the beginning of the next cutscene.