Xbox 360 The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Achievements


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Sep 25, 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Achievement List

DLC: Around Every Corner (Episode 4)

Georgia's First City (10)
Complete chapter 1 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Lee, Clem, Kenny, and the rest of the group will be on foot again, roaming around on the streets of what seems to be a considerably large city. Choose the most appropriate dialogue options as dialogue menus pop up. What's a stroll through the city without a horde of zombies present? You, Clem, Kenny, and everyone else will fight their way through as they make way to the waters. Kenny will eventually get tripped by a zombie. Get ready to target that zombie's head and shoot. It won't be long after that until Ben and Clementine will be trapped by a gang of zombies. Ben will display cowardness like Kenny's been doing thus far; he will run away and save himself with no regret of leaving others to their dooms. Lee will step in, which is where you will as well. Kill as many zombies as you can. Remember to aim at their heads! Disregard the ones that are by Clem because Chuck will come out of nowhere and assist you two. The achievement will unlock soon after Chuck saves Clem and you two flee along with the rest of the group.

Down By The River (10)
Complete chapter 2 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

You and the gang will somehow end up in the backyard of a big house. Kenny will finally make himself useful by barricading the back door. In the meantime, talk to Ben about how much of a colossal douche he was for leaving Clem to her potential death. After that, walk to the door that Kenny's infront of and look down to discover a dog door. Then:

----pick up the shovel that's resting against the wall near the fountain.
----examine the dog house to find that it's empty.
----examine the dirt mound to excavate a dog collar.
----If you tell Clem to go away and stay by Christa and Omid, then she will feel hurt.
----return to the dog door and use the collar on it.

Clem will unhesitantly go through it after Lee attempts to reach underneath for the lock to the door. If you told Clem in a commanding voice to get away earlier, then now's the time to make things right:

----ask her if she's ok in the first dialogue menu.
----Clem will open the door successfully. In the second dialogue menu, tell her that she did a good job. After all, she's just a kid.

Everyone, including you, enters the house. Christa will inquire about why she wasn't informed that the radio works. You can choose to either lie to her, or tell Christa that you and Kenny found out a day ago and she was going to be informed eventually. Almost immediately after, you'll be given a choice to have you and everyone else rest for a bit (you guys deserve it), don't stop until Chuck's found, or try to leave the whole area as soon as possible. Lets just choose "take a darn breather" for the sake of this achievement guide. When you regain control of Lee, scan the kitchen area for anything that may be of good use to you in the future. Join Clem, Omid, and Christ in the living room to spot one door on both sides of the fireplace. Examine both to open them halfway and determine if they're clear or not. After checking the last of the two rooms, a mini cutscene will trigger. It'll reveal the location of the last room. After checking this one, Ben will call you over. Climb up the ladder to enter the attic where you need to make a difficult decision.

If you choose the "tough" route, then you'll catch a glimpse of a mysterious figure watching you. The rest of the gang will join you. Tell them the truth.

Kenny and Christa will concur with one another that everyone needs to evacuate the area and make way to the river as soon as possible. Choose to look for supplies first, if you wish. Either way, you and Kenny are going to leave the premises and venture off for a bit to scope things out. Grant Ben the opportunity to redeem himself by leaving him with Clem. Along the way, Lee will strike up conversation with Kenny. Choose dialogue options that seem to be the most fitting to you. Lee and Kenny will finally arrive at the dock area. Walk towards the telescope and examine it, once you regain control of Lee. After messing around with the telescope for a tiny while, a mini cutscene will play. There's nothing of significance to note, except for the newstand. Examine the cash register there to find out that there's no dinero, yen, pesos, francs, afghani, rupees, gold, cheddar, dinari, pounds, euro, schillings, baht, money..............Continue walking to the far right of the area until you see a newspaper stand. Use the tool that you retrieved much earlier from the train to knock a coin out of it. Return to the telescope and select the coin icon. Kenny will interrupt you right when you're about to insert the coin into the device. After he finishes yapping his jaw, Lee will finally insert the coin into the telescope. Navigate the telescope farthest to the left and alittle up to spot a mysterious figure on the ledge of a tall building. They will make their way towards you and Kenny. This is your chance to identify them. When you regain control of Lee, cunningly walk towards where they are and press "up" on the directional pad or thumbstick. You'll soon go through a series of dialogue menus. I'd choose the ones that pertain to the anonymous stalker and the ringing of the bells. Your potentially new addition to the group will run for their own life. You, Kenny, and Clem will waste no time either. Clem will use her charm to convince Mrs. Parkour to help the bunch escape. When it's your turn, target Kenny's hand to grab onto it. As usual, he will be useless. That's ok though, because you're covered:

----target the dumpster to move it out of the way of the alleyway's path.
----target the manhole to try to remove the cover.
----pick up the climbing pick (it'll be by Lee's left foot on the ground).
----use the climbing pick on the manhole to remove the cover.

The achievement will unlock shortly after Lee enters the manhole (that sounded naughty).

Support Group (10)
Complete chapter 3 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

When you regain control of Lee, take the mini flight of stairs down into where the true bull#$%^ lies! Walk rightward and slide down the small tunnel on Lee's left. There's only one way to go from here on out, so continue along the path. You have a little way's to go until a passageway on the left is reached. Examine it to take that small path. Examine the pipe on the path's right twice to turn it, and one more time to disassemble it. Walk forward away from the camera until the camera changes to a side-view perspective. Walk towards the camera until you can't any further. Use the climbing pick on the seal to break it open. Walk through it and use the valve on the pipe that's straight ahead. Examine the valve to turn it. Take the passageway that you took just moments ago. Wait until the zombies pass entirely. Then walk straight out into the open long passageway. Proceed. It won't be long until you find an old friend. A zombie will be revealed to you, which is straight ahead under the beam of light. As you sneak up from behind, a hand will grab Lee's foot. Target the hand to escape its grasp, and quickly position the crosshair on the other zombie's head to kill it. On the side of the platform where the blue sign is, there will me a small flight of stairs. Take the stairs to reach the platform and use the climbing pick on the sawed off ladder to attempt to reach it. Examine the sign to take it down after the mini cutscene. Then, examine the newfound passageway to travel along it. Reason with whoever you find along the newly discovered passage by telling them the truth. Regardless, a gun will still be pointed at you. Target the gun and take it when the opportunity arises. Be honest for the remainder of the dialogue menus. The achievement will unlock soon after Vernon says bye to his group and leaves with you.

Bedside Manor (10)
Complete chapter 4 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Vernon successfully leads you back to where your group is. Lee will initiate conversation with Molly, which will lead up to a dialogue menu. Be truthful and honest to her. When you regain control of Lee, walk to YOUR right and take the stairs down to the first level of the house. Walk alittle more, away from the stairs. You'll meet up with Ben and Kenny. Choose sensible dialogue options while you're talking to them, ones that will hopefully help them regain their senses. Exit the room, and make your way to the door to the backyard. The achievement will unlock shortly after you open it. Badabing badaboom!

Georgia's Last City (10)
Complete chapter 5 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Welcome back to the backyard of the casa! Man, that house truly does bring all of the boys to the yard. Hahahah.............hahah..........ha *laughter slowly fades to silence*. Examine the fence, dog house, kid and dog's burial place, and the shed in this particular order. Choose the dialogue option that is the most fitting for the scenario. Lee will join the rest of the group inside. Ask Vernon how Omid's been doing. It's been awhile since you've inquired or seen that little munchkin. Kenny and Ben will join you all soon after to report that whatever's in the shed needs to be fixed before it can be used. Suggest to everyone that the gang should pay a visit to know..........the place whose inhabitants set those zombies up on pikes for display............When asked how you and the bunch are going to get in, say that you're going to sneak in. Clem will be hearing in on the discussion. She'll ask about Crawford. You'll have your choice of lieing to her or telling the truth about it. Comfort Clem in the next dialogue menu. The third one will pose as a difficult decision for you to make. As Lee and the crew are preparing to leave, one of the members of Vernon's group will appear out of nowhere. Since you and her had a little falling out in your first meeting, choose a dialogue option that conveys acceptance and appreciation. The cutscene will take you in the depths of Crawford. Examine the manhole and open it when you have control of Lee. Cunningly make your way towards the guard and target their head to kill 'em. Another cutscene will trigger. The achievement will unlock shortly after you and everyone else enters a nearby building.

For Whom The Bell Tolls (15)
Complete chapter 6 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Good song. Anyway.................for all dialogue menus that will pop-up throughout the chapter, choose ones that are logical and convey reasoning for adolescents. As for Clem, choose dialogue options that are soothing and express optimism. Furthermore, don't lie to her. Although she's just a kid, Clem's mentality strengthens as she travels along with you. It all started when you taught her how to use a gun back when you got the train moving. Near the end of the chapter, when you, Molly, and Ben retreat to the main room where the rest of the group awaits, you'll have to make tough decisions up shizzle creek!

As you're trying to catch up to Molly, there will be a shed in the alleyway on your left. Upon entering it, look up to examine a hole in the ceiling. The second shelf in the shed will be ripe for examining. Use the shelf to climb ontop of the shed. Once you're on the opposite side of the fence, examine the garage door to attempt to open it. Have Lee walk to YOUR right. Examine the fence ahead to discover that there's a group of zombies nearby. Walk back to the garage door. Molly will literally jump in and rejoin you to help with the garage door. Examine the hydraulic hose, which will force you to ask Molly if you can borrow the climbing pick. Return to the hydraulic hose and use the climbing pick on it to bring the hoisted-up car down. The battery will be on the bottom right of the vehicle (just like in actuality) under the hood. Quickly examine each terminal twice to remove them. Once that task is done, examine the battery to obtain it. Walk towards the side of the large orange truck and target the faded white circle to climb up on the side of it. Shoot the ceiling glass to create an exit plan. Molly will gladly pull you up if you target her hand. Be sure to target her hand again as soon as you're close enough to Mrs. Parkour. Walk down the hall when you're back on foot. You'll soon come across Kenny and Brie. Follow the button prompts to assist them with the double doors. Examine the hatchet on the ground to use it to hold the double doors. After the cutscene, travel along the same path that you took to get to the alleyway (when you were trying to follow Molly). But, instead of taking a right, you take a left. Shoot one zombie in the head when you have control of Lee to get the attention of the rest of its buddies. Kill them as quickly as possible before they get to you. Examine the medical file, which is on a desk by Vernon. Lee will also find a cassette tape by the medical file. Examine the camcorder by Christa to insert the cassette tape into it. After viewing the show, travel along the same path that you took to reach the auto shop (where you retrieved the battery). Once Lee jumps over the fence, walk down the alley. A zombie will await for you to curb stomp it. Examine the zombie again to loot. As you make your way back to the Nurser's Office, examine the bloodied locker to extract another cassette tape. Examine the camcorder once more (or twice if you wish to observe the third cassette) to view the second cassette tape. Leave the room whenever you're ready.

Travel along the main hallway with the double doors that are sealed with a hatchet. Molly will rejoin you. If you chose to view the third cassette tape back in the Nursery Office, then you can put her on the spotlight by mentioning that she lied to you. Continue along down the hallway. It won't be long until you meet up with Ben, as well as zombies barging in on your new sanctuary. You'll only be required to shoot one zombie, or do you................You, Molly, and Ben make their way back to the main room to regroup. Remember much earler in this achievement description where it's mentioned that you have to make tough decisions up shizzle creek? Well.............Lee and everyone else will enter the armory. The only way out is the stairs. Shoot the zombies in their sweet spot as you walk backwards up the stairs. Lee's leg will soon fall through a step, rendering it stuck. Be attentive to the zombies and your leg. Switch your focus back and forth on both. Once you're literally back on your feet, slice your way up the stairs. Remember to target the heads! I forgot that there's another big decision making moment..................after you break the record for the amount of zombie's you've killed throughout the entire game in one area. The achievement will unlock soon after.

The Morning After (10)
Complete chapter 7 of episode 4.

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

The requirements for earning this achievement are fairly short. This one's all about talking to a few people and choosing the appropriate dialogue options. The achievement will unlock alittle after Lee rests for a bit while having all of the schist that he's been through under his belt.

Penultimate (25)
Complete Episode 4: "Around Every Corner"

WARNING!!! Spoilers may be ahead.

Another fairly short one. Walk towards Clem's hat and pick it up once you have control of Lee. He'll jump over the fence after hearing a radio signal from a distance. Head towards the walkie talkie whilst being prepared to pick it up. The rest of the group will call for Lee and approach him. If you show everyone what went down, then Omid and Christa will help you find Clem.. To get Mrs. Sassy Pants (Kenny) to join hands, choose the dialogue option "Clementine is my family." As soon as Lee asks Kenny's best friend (Ben) to join in on the cause, Kenny will display opposition. Tell Kenny to deal with it. As for Ben, say that Clementine stood up for him before. This will convince him to accompany you, and Kenny will still be a part of this. The achievement will unlock soon after Lee and the gang make way towards finding Clem.