The Walking Horde Overhaul Mod for 7 Days to Die Game


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Oct 5, 2022

Mod released September 26, 2022. For A19.6 only as for now.
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Available via XBox Game Pass for PC.

The Walking Horde Overhaul Mod adds several new features and logic into the game that makes it easier for players to survive during startup, while increasing the difficulty of the vital combat mechanics of the game. The new UI makes the visual interface more like an RPG so you'll have all the needed statistics handy specially during zombie fights or survival adventures. Tons of new zombies, food types, recipes, items, coins, oils, spices and more.
  • Zombie and Animal AI biome spawn and entity groups were redesigned
  • Encounter more zombies than normal as you walk through the roads
  • Added regular zombie and zombie boss spawns
  • Much harder zombie horde
  • Much harder blood moons
  • All new separate UI and Icon mod (more RPG like style)
  • New background and logo
  • 66 slot backpack
  • Redesigned AI - AI groups, horde and AI biome spawns
  • Better and reliable melee weapon damage and headshot percentage
  • Better guns weapon damage and ammo limits
  • Stronger and reliable bow weapons
  • Better chainsaw and auger block damage
  • Quieter and effective chainsaw, auger and auto-turrets
  • Weapon Durability and Stamina changes
  • Changed stacks 99999 for most items, 1000 for weapons, 300 for food and more
  • New Startup Supplies - Survival bags will provide quests, books, manuals and boxes to open Apparel Supplies, Food Supplies, Mastery Supplies and Profession Supplies
  • New Vehicles - Toilet Blimp (in construction) and Mini Bike Punk
  • New Recipes - Salts, Bio Diesel, Bio Oil and Bio Battery, Dyes and a lot more!
  • New Goods and Items - Sugar, Milk, Dextrose, Animal Liver and Intestines
  • Zombies - Scientist of Death, Kamikaze Prophet, Adrenochrone Goated Beast, Eugenist Infector, Crooked Hildebeest, Royal Tyrant, Davoss Monster, Rotten Puppet, Nervous Karen, Anarchist Punk and more!
  • New Food Types - Canned Goods, Spices, Cheese, Desserts, Dairies
  • New Drink Types - Doc Preppers, Gator Aid, Calamansi Juice, Herbal Pro and more!
  • Explosive weapons like Rockets, Grenades, Bombs and Dynamite nerfed block damage.
  • Added new lure explosives - sticky grenade and sticky bombs.
  • Zombie block damage nerfed
  • Vanilla vehicle handling changes for minibike, bicycle, 4x4, gyrocopter
  • Some Zombie walktypes modified
  • Better walk, running and swimming speed for Player
  • New Gas, Oil and Battery bio alternative sources
  • Pickable Items
  • Bear, Coyote, Snake, Rabbit and Chicken resized and speed balanced
  • Bear and Zombie Warthog life nerfed
  • Loot, Destroy and Harvest overhauled
  • Destroyed Loot respawn (Cars, Trees, Boulders, Trash Pile and Bird Nest)
  • Stainless Steel Block damage to 30000, Concrete to 10000
  • Electronic Relay, Switch and Generator damage set to 10000
  • Metal spike traps health max to 10000 while Wood Spikes set to 5000
  • Seeds can now be planted anywhere there is soil!
  • Get water from Cactus, Toilet, Faucets and more!
  • Cook in closed Ovens, Microwave, Grill and more.
  • Gore Block Animals are now craftable as traps
  • Biome with lesser grass and rocks
  • New Loot containing Bible Verses. Bundled with Flashlight, Medkit and Ivermecthink!