Xbox 360 Thinking about buying it


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Nov 12, 2012
I'm thinking about buying Borderlands 2 as an early Christmas present for myself. I didn't play the first Borderlands game though. Is this one of those titles where you need to play the first game in order to understand what's going on in the second one?
I don't think there are many games out there like that, honestly. I'd say if you've got the money to buy both, go ahead and buy them. Otherwise, I wouldn't let the fact that you haven't played the first game stop you from playing the second one.
You do not need the first one to understand the second one. Borderlands 2 is an amazing game that no gamer should pass by. I would highly recommend buying it.
Buy it. If you have any doubts, don't have it. This game is great particularly because of the graphics and storyline. The gameplay is great, but I think the graphics is the key factor for me. You don't need to know anything about the first Borderlands, but I would consider buying it if I were you. I think it's currently on sale at the moment, so you should hurry and get it.
Borderlands 2 does not require you to know the story of Borderlands. However, BL2 WILL exploit and even retcon some events of BL1, so the plot is certainly better if you DID play BL1. But noone plays Borderlands for the plot, really, and the plot was actually non-existent in BL1 (even though BL2 wants to make you think otherwise). So yeah, while the story is better if you did play BL1, it is not required to do so at all.

I really recommend you to get it, but I am the guy with a Borderlands nickname and avatar soooo... anyway, yeah. You should grab it. You should also look up the Psycho and Mechromancer DLC characters before you start the game. See if they interest you and buy them if they do. I personally think that Krieg (the Psycho) is the most fun character in the game, really fun to play as.

Also, you can probably ignore the season pass DLC unless you plan to play the game a LOT. I only really recommend them if you plan to keep playing the game for a while, instead of just doing a first playthrough and stopping.
I really liked the first borderlands, until the moment i tried to get the trophies... DLC included... and my save file got corrupt 2 times because of blackouts, which made me lost around 70 hours of progress total.

I now hate the series.
I have played Borderlands 2 and I really did enjoy it. I love the art style and the game is very engaging and you want to carry on further.
I have to admit I haven't played the first Borderlands but after playing the second one I'm planning and buying it. It's also really
fun to play multiplayer with friends, although in my experience I did find it a bit difficult to connect up with them and there was a bit of
slow down in areas. Overall though a fun game to play.
No previous gameplay is really required. It would've been nice if I could've played the first one just to get used to the style of the game, but I jumped right in with BL2 and I've loved it so far.