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Aug 26, 2012
Below you can find the reviews for Tiger Wood PGA Tour 13. If you have any questions that the reviews didn't answer, start a new thread on the forum. Played the game already? Rate it above and tell us why you did or didn’t like it. Better yet, write your own user review!

9 out of 10 - EGM
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The developers have seriously enhanced Tiger Woods PGA Tour, refining the gameplay, enhancing social features, and even affecting the way the game’s extras are unlocked. They’ve delivered a complete package that offers golf fans the most refined, deepest—and, most importantly, fun—golf experience in years. Whether you’re a casual golf fan or a hardcore PGA wannabe, you’ll find plenty to love in this year’s offering. Now, we just need a few more hours in the day to get out to the course.

8 out of 10 - Game Informer
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Golfers travel the world looking for fame and fortune, and Tiger 13 does the same thing with its various modes and new features. Unfortunately, some of it feels more like a run around than exciting content.

7.5 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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Unfortunately, it all feels very hollow. Minimal Jim Nantz commentary and crowd noise, limited facial emotions or post-shot reactions, and an overriding... silence makes Tiger 13 feel lifeless. We know golf is supposed to be serene, but it all feels unfinished here, as if the developers meant to take another pass on the audio, animation, and overall presentation.

6.5 out of 10 - Game Spot
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Tiger Woods 13 still presents a decent golf game, but there isn't much new here, and many added features like Kinect support come with problems.

6.5 out of 10 - IGN
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 knows what makes it great, and the Total Swing System is an authentic, excellent improvement. The meaningful new controls enable players to feel great about their skill while holding them accountable for their faults. Beyond that, Tiger 13 struggles to succeed. Its most substantial new mode, Tiger Legacy Challenge, is a dull waste, and making the most of the in-game economy is difficult without hardcore dedication to an online Country Club.
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