Xbox 360 Tiger Woods PGA Golf


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Sep 22, 2011
So I've been playing the Tiger Woods golf game in single player to earn enough money in seasons earnings to get a special bunny suit that would max out all my attributes in the game so I can compete online against the good players. I finally get the costume that gives me full attributes and now I'm worse than I was when I didn't have as much power and all that. I hit so many miss hits out of bounds now, it's horrible. All that work I did for nothing!
That sounds pretty crazy! Why would you need a bunny suit anyway? That just sounds a bit off to me. Then again I've never played the game - I imagine I would be terrible at golf on the xbox as well as real life. Good luck to you and your suit though! :)
I'm just not a fan of sports console games. I can understand for the Wii I guess, playing with the paddle controllers. I just don't understand the allure with a regular controller. I know a lot of people who do like them though.
Well Jules, a lot of people play them. I needed the bunny costume because it was an unlock that if you earned it you got all the performance attributes unlocked when you have it on. I wasn't good enough to earn it through skill, so I did it through winning tournaments in single player.
I'm not very skilled at sports console games either. I know a guy who is a real expert at virtual golf games and he managed to earn a bunny costume in "Tiger Woods PGA Golf" through skill. I was kind of envious when I watched him play.
Yeah, the costume isn't difficult to earn, you just have to put in the time on single player. There is actually and Elvis suit too that does the same thing as the bunny costume. You can make your golfer look like yourself with the facial editing feature with a picture. I made mine look like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. It's pretty neat actually.