Xbox 360 Time for Sales


New Member
Mar 15, 2012
My mom is big on coupons and tells me that all products run on a sale cycle. She uses her coupons depending on the product sales cycle, so she gets things for super cheap. This has me thinking about games and sales cycles. Is there a certain time of year that you can find games for cheap? I know I have scored deals around and after Christmas, but are there other times I should look out for?
Around & after Christmas are usually the most common, but you already stated those. I would also check around June or July. Some places have their "semi-annual" sales around this time of year, and you can get great deals.
I never knew about the semi-annual deals in June and July. I guess a lot of place have the Christmas in July sale, though I have no clue why they named it that. I always get the best deals on leftovers after Christmas. Black Friday usually has great game deals, I remember last time there was an awesome cheap deal for the Game Rocksmith. I wish I knew someone who worked at a game store, so they could tell me what deals were coming up.