Xbox 360 Time Left in Xbox 360 Lifecycle


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Oct 11, 2012
Though the Xbox 360 is churning out great games left and right, rumors of the Xbox 720 are increasing. We know that the 360 still has much left in the tank but the waning moments are simply fast approaching. How long do you think can the Xbox 360 last before it is completely replaced by the 720?
I do not think it will be completely replaced for quite some time. Just as there are still people who play their PS2, the Xbox 360 is not old enough to be replaced. The 720 will also be too expensive, in my opinion, for gamers to be able to completely switch over in a short amount of time.
I think Microsoft is definitely working on the new Xbox as we speak. Very secretly, but working on it. Sony hasn't been quite as secretive. The Xbox 360 is near the end of its useful life.
I know they have developers working on it, but I doubt it will come anytime in the next year. I still think the 360 has quite a bit of juice left in it.
Ok, just because a newer version of a product is to be released doesn't mean that the order versions are going to be irrelevant and be replaced. As a mater of fact, newer versions aren't that stable and thus need a lot to time to fix all their shortcomings. X360 can't be completely replaced by the X720. Take the case of Windows XP which is still in use yet we have Windows 8.
It wouldn't surprise me if the 360 is still around in like 5 or even more years after the 720 is released. Think about how long it was before they got rid of xbl for the original xbox console after the 360 was released. It was def a while after.
I think the new Xbox will come around the holidays in 2014. Maybe. We still don't know a while lot so I could be way off.