Xbox 360 Tips for initial settings


Aug 26, 2012
You need to set the default language, your locale and the time and date when you start your console for the first time.

Here is how:

Set the default language

  • First, you need to press the Guide button on your controller to go to Settings, and then proceed to System Settings.
  • Press Console Settings.
  • Proceed to Language and Locale.
  • Press Language and then select the language you want to use.

Set your locale

  • Go to Settings to select System Settings.
  • Proceed to Console Settings.
  • Press Language and Locale.
  • Click Locale and then select your location.

Set the time and date

  • Go to Settings and then proceed to System Settings.
  • Press Console Settings.
  • Select Clock to change the clock settings.

You will find the options bellow:

  • Date and Time: You need to set the date and time
  • Time Format: You can choose the 12 or 24 hour clock format
  • Time Zone: You need to specify your time zone
  • Daylight Saving: Select On so that your console clock can automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

Note: You cannot change the clock settings after connecting to the Xbox LIVE.