Xbox 360 Trouble Controlling The Car


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Dec 16, 2012
I rented this game last night for a break from a couple of other games I have been working on. I don't know if I just suck at racing games, but I had a lot of trouble controlling my car on the track. Do some cars handle better than others? Can anyone give me some pointers to improve my game?
Yes, some cars do handle better than others in racing games, just like in real life, but it really just boils down to practice. "Driving" a car in a game is very different from driving a car in real life, because you don't have a steering wheel, so you just have to get a feel for it. ;)

(BTW, I've never used one, but there are steering wheel controllers, and that may help as well if you're interested in buying one. It may make for a more "realistic" driving experience.)
Butterscotch - Some people also change the layout of the controls from the default layout, so if you're having trouble getting used to which button is the gas, which is the brake, etc., this might be something to look into. If that's not an issue, I'd say it just boils down to practice. Do you use the handbrake?
Maybe you guys are right and I just need to play the game some more until I get a better feel for it. Samsim, no I haven't been using the handbrake. Should I be favoring it over the regular brake?
When I first started playing racing games, I had a lot of trouble controlling the car, too. Like stewieG said, it's a lot different from driving a car in real life, since you have no steering wheel, and it's also a lot different from other games. After I had played it enough, I got the hang of it.
It's all about practice - just like in real life. You have to play it often in order to get used to it. I have the steering wheel and I still suck! I am getting better though. Sometimes I turn the wheel upside down and I drive better! Seriously who uses the brakes when playing any driving game?
different cars definitely handle differently, some cars tend to drift a lot, while others are grip well. Generally muscle cars would tend to drift quite easily compared to other cars and getting to understand which car your driving can go a long way in helping you drive better. You will also realise that some cars corner better with the E break while others just require you to tap the brake once.