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Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by hobbel ganger, Sep 4, 2021.

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    Aug 31, 2021
    I am trying to install COD MW (2019), all of the packs download just fine, but as soon as it starts downloading the actual game, it says "installation stopped" it doesn't specify why, and It'll stop installing. But even more bizarre, is that the game itself pops up on my games & apps list (even though I never downloaded the game itself), and presents itself as an actual playable game (it even shows all the correct information and statistics of the game). But when I click on it, it says "do you own this title?" even though I have the disk inside the Xbox. Also if I try to uninstall it when its presented on the games & apps screen, it'll just disappear, and then re-appear once I've closed out of the games & apps screen. Also I have installed this game before fully and have played it on my Xbox, this is a new issue with the game, and no other game I have ever downloaded has ever had this issue, even games that I installed today haven't had this issue (or any issue whatsoever).
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