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Jul 6, 2012
I currently have a Netflix subscription that I stream through my Xbox 360 console. While it's great for shows that aren't currently airing, it's not so great for keeping current with my favorite shows. Is there another app out there, similar to Netflix, that has more recent episodes of shows that are still being produced?
The only other app that I can think of that airs TV shows is the Hulu app; have you tried it? As far as I know, it's similar to Netflix in that you have to subscribe to it on a monthly basis and set the account up through the computer initially. I think pricing is similar to Netflix as well. If I'm not mistaken, it's less than $10 dollars a month. I know some of my friends stay "up-to-date" on their favorite shows through Hulu.
HBO and Comcast also have apps for the Xbox 360, but I think you must already have an existing subscription in order to use them. I think you can also watch TV through Zune, though.
Netflix is the only one I use. I know when we tested out Hulu I had downloaded the app for it but I swear it was the worst I have tested in a very long time. Never tried Zune though, how is it?
I have an xbox subscription, but we recently swapped over to the Roku box. I am an Amazon Prime Member so we can watch movies and tv shows from Amazon for free. Roku also offers a lot of other free channels like Crackle that have movies, and they also offer Hulu but I don't currently have a Hulu membership. We are really enjoying the Roku and we haven't had any trouble finding something to watch.
Hmm, Roku you say. I don't have any subscriptions just yet but I've been looking for info here and there, wouldn't want to change them like socks, you know :) Thanks for sharing. I think you can also stream music with it.
Yep, loving the Roku and what we were missing from the 360 was being able to watch youtube videos on the tv. We just figured out this weekedn to open a PLex account and download the PLex channel to the Roku. Now we can make playlists of youtube videos on PLex and watch them through the Roku...just made it even more awesome than it already was. :)

You can listen to music on Roku. They have Pandora and a bunch of other music channels too. Roku box was a $70 one time expense vs. a monthly xbox subscription. :)
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