Xbox 360 Two Flashing Red Lights - Solutions


Aug 26, 2012
If your Xbox 360 console is too hot and is not cooling down properly, two of the four lights surrounding your power button might flash red. To troubleshoot the problem, you should check your console environment.

If the place around your console is cluttered, you’ll have to clean it. Because the untidy environment might causes the overheating of your console.

Some tips to prevent overheating

  • You have to ensure that the ventilation openings on the console or power supply are not obstructed.
  • You also have to ensure that the console and its power supply are on a hard surface. You should not put your console on something soft (like a bed, sofa, rug).
  • You must keep the console away from direct sunlight, heating vents, and other heat-generating devices and appliances, such as televisions and computers.
  • Don’t put any electronic device on top of or below your console.

**If your Xbox 360 console is already in a clean and well-ventilated area, you need to cool it down for an hour. To do that you need to turn off your console and wait for an hour. Finally, turn you console on and check if the problem exists.

After performing all above, if the problem exists, your console needs to be repaired.
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