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Nov 4, 2011
While I was at Walmart today, I saw the uDraw tablet and uDraw studio game. I did not even know, that there was a drawing tablet, for the Wii. I do not even know anyone who has the uDraw. I like to draw, and I think I would like to buy this. Is this product worth buying? Do you have any experience using the uDraw tablet?
I love to draw and I've heard about this game. One feature that I would really like is that it replays actual drawings at certain speeds. In other words, it would be like watching someone draw in fast forward. That's a good way to learn techniques, don't you think?
I don't know anyone who has this game either. It does sound pretty cool! So you can draw on the TV with the uDraw. I bet the kids would love this one. I'm going to google it to see what its about.
I don't think you use the TV. It's a game tablet that comes with the uDraw software. You might want to check it out on Wikipedia. There's a very detailed description. It sounds like it comes with training wheels, so to speak, but you can also use it to create very complex drawings completely from scratch.
I have been meaning to check out the uDraw tablet, because I really enjoy drawing. None of my friends have it, and I have not heard much talk about uDraw. I wonder why I never hear anything about it? I also think, the Wii U, is going to have some kind of similar feature. I remember seeing someone drawing Link, in a Wii U promo.
I just saw it advertised and it looks super cool. It was pretty expensive though - so I'm sure I will pass on it, at least right in the beginning. I think I might purchase the Wii U so if I do I might pick it up for that.
I agree that I think the Wii U will have a similar feature. If you plan on getting it, I recommend that you just wait.
I've gotten the uDraw tablet for both the Wii and 360. The problem with this device is that there aren't many games for it to justify a purchase. I played just three games on the Wii version of it before it came out for the 360 and I traded it in for that one instead. So far, I've played just one game on it for the 360, and it was the game that comes with the unit.
I have the uDraw for the Wii and the kids love it. I would recommend getting it if you love to draw. It's pretty cool! I like active games, so it's not for me but if you like to draw then get it.