Xbox 360 Upcoming Games


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Jan 20, 2012
What new and upcoming games are you looking forward to? I have my eye on the newest Tomb Raider game, which is said to take place before the original game.
I feel like there's a real lack of them coming out, actually. Just a few months ago during the holiday season, there was like a deluge of attractive games, but now that period has come and gone, it seems like we're in a real drought. I have my eye on Lollipop Chainsaw, but that's going to be released at a "TBA" time in 2012.
What the heck is Lollipop chainsaw - those 2 words don't sound quite right together! Honestly the kids have not asked for any new games yet. I have been too busy to look to see what is coming out.
I always keep an eye out when I visit any store that sells games, right now a drought is right. I have not seen anything eye catching but its either hunt when you can like I am or pay insane prices around the holiday times.