Xbox 360 Used games


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Jul 8, 2012
Are there any decent stores/sites where I can get good deals for used games? I know Gamestop deals in old games, but due to a very bad history with them, I have made up my mind to not do any business with them.
I'd look for local mom and pop stores near you. I've also gotten a bunch of used games form Ebay and at great prices. Also, you may want to check Amazon Marketplace.
Herbert - Have you tried more than one Gamestop location? We don't go to the Gamestop in our town, but there's another one in the next town over with MUCH better customer service! However, if you're dead set against the franchise period, I would check Ebay, like jstep7262 mentioned. I bought L.A. Noire brand new off Ebay for less than $20 dollars about a week after it was released!
I like the mom-and-pop stores suggestion. We have one of those close to us and they always have great deals on used games. They run "buy one, get one free" sales all the time and sometimes they even run "buy one, get TWO free" sales. The customer service is so much better with a small store though that even if the prices were slightly higher, I'd still buy from them!
We are boycotting the local Gamestop due to severely insane customer service, the tools that work at ours are all idiots and refused a refund of something that was eligible for one. I have heard of but never checked it out, how good are their prices?
I've had great luck with them. I've also sold a lot of stuff on there. The prices vary, but I can almost always get whatever I'm looking for at a big discount. It's now part of Ebay, but instead of bidding on items, the seller says what condition the item is in and states the price that they want for it. If I want to get rid of something, I'll often undercut the lowest price so my item is at the top of the list, which in turn works out well for the buyer :) Search the Internet, they usually have a $5 coupon for first time users.
I have heard a few friends have purchased used games online before but I would thoroughly check out the vendor before hand. The last thing you want to do is buy a game without any way of knowing what you are getting or who you are getting it from.
Buying online could be set with a decent price but just make sure that the shipping is not a killer when you order. I have seen a few people online selling games at almost dirt prices but the S&H is a true downer.
Yeah, a lot of people make up for seemingly cheap prices online by charging an arm and a leg for shipping and handling. However, there are plenty of sellers on Ebay (and probably, too) that offer free shipping and handling in addition to great prices on games. If you're looking to buy online, I'd start with one of those two sites. Otherwise, I'd go with a mom and pop store like a couple others have already mentioned.