Xbox 360 Using Cheats & Walkthroughs


New Member
Aug 10, 2012
Do you ever use cheats or walkthroughs when you're playing video games? I remember using cheat codes all the time when I was younger and playing games on the original Playstation. Now, however, I'd rather not use them. Sometimes I reference walkthroughs though, but only if I get stuck.
No. I was using cheats some time ago, when I was playing on my PC, but on the xbox, never. I don't know, it seems unfair and after all, where's the pleasure of gaming if you are using cheats?
I don't ever use cheats or walkthroughs, either. I just don't see any fun in it or point in playing if you're cheating at the game. It's more fun to me if I don't know what's coming next!
I have before but it was many years ago when I just wanted to beat the game not to experience the game. At the time I think it was back in the mid 90's so it was quite sometime ago, long before many of the games I play now were even considered something we could do.