Xbox 360 Video Game Sales

Camel Tan

New Member
Apr 25, 2012
What are some of the best video game sales you've come across? Personally, I like it when I find a used game on sale for less than half the price of the new version. With stores like Game Stop, that's pretty common. Also, we have a rewards card with them and we receive "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" coupons in the mail, sometimes.
Like you, I love to find a good deal on a used video game. I actually come across a sale before where used video games were all $4 dollars or less per title - and I'm talking about titles you've actually heard of! We racked up that day!
I bought the entire GTA collection for $9! Crazy, I know. I can't remember where I got it but it was a holiday sale type of thing. It even had the original top-down games and the newly released DLC.
Steam always has the craziest sales for the PC loving folk. Their summer sale is just around the corner and it's bound to have hundreds of great games for cheap.