Xbox 360 Video Games Based On TV Shows


New Member
Aug 9, 2012
Are there any video games out there for the Xbox 360 that are based on TV shows? I know of several that came out for the Playstation 2, including a Simpsons game, but I can't recall any for Xbox 360.
The only one I remember reading about is NCIS and its not really a show I watch. I can not believe its the only game out there but maybe since I like my TV on the TV (for shows) I have subconsciously bypassed them in stores too?
I remember that Simpsons game too. What about Dragon Ball? There were a few games based on this. Also, Afro Samurai, but I can't remember if there was a xbox game made after this...
Of course, Dragon Ball! Especially the Tenkaichi Budokai series. I can't wait for 4, which is announced for this winter. And yes, there was an Afro Samurai game for xbox too, I think it was release 3 years ago.