Virtual Villagers


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Nov 3, 2012
I play simulation games every once in awhile and I have been playing Virtual Villagers since it came out. I killed my whole village though because the game continues even when you aren't playing. They all grew old and died before I got back on and I had no one to start with. Have you ever done this?
I have played virtual villagers and I have enjoyed playing god in this cute little game. My villagers also died during my first playthrough because I didn't know that the game "continued" even though I was not playing it. I had to restart all over again. Actually, a lot of PC games use this feature and I think this is possible because the game checks the time on your PC and compares it to the last time that you have played the game. If you constantly check on your village, your people will do fine.
Hmm, I don't know that I would like being tied to a game that makes me play every so often to keep my people alive and continues even when I'm away. Actually, I don't even think that I'd play this game specifically for that reason. At least with Sim City, et. al. you can save and pick up at the spot you left off at without worrying about if your people have all died.
I haven't played Virtual Villagers but I have played Virtual Family by the same developer. I ended up having a family emergency and going out of town for a few days and after 6 generations all of my family died. It was really hard to get up the motivation to want to start all over again.