we still have it


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Jan 21, 2012
Even though its neglected. I am a little sad about it, for the longest time I was strictly about Sony and now things are changing and I am moving more and more towards the Xbox only area of the gaming world. Anyone else stuck in this boat too, did you sell yours?
I have both a PS3 and 360, I started with a PS3, but slowly started going toward the 360 because of the amount of people how had one and halo and other games. Also I plan to keep the PS3, mainly for blue-ray.
Well ours is only a 2 not a 3 so you got us with the blue-ray but its not something we really got into that much. I am just used to it more (and the games) than anything else. I hate the idea of change but I am not too thrilled with their lack of customer service or security lately.
Ya, security has become a problem with PS network. I also was into the PS2, particularly Battlefront 2 was awesome.
We have multiple consoles - 2 PS2s, an Xbox, an Xbox 360, and a Wii. Of all of them, we use the Xbox 360 the most. We've considered selling the regular Xbox and 1 of the PS2s, but never thought we could get enough money out of either one to make it worth the while, so they mostly just collect dust, lol.