What are the latest Xbox Live updates?


New Member
Sep 22, 2011
Can anyone tell me whether there are any new updates for the Xbox Live? I used to like Xbox Live a lot last year, but I've been pretty busy lately and I haven't had time to stay informed about the latest updates...
I have no clue. I have not seen any real changes, though of course it seems every other week I sign in there's some new update. I bet it's just mostly security stuff you know.
I do not know of any special updates, either. I have only just started using the service, though. I think the only thing I noticed,
was a security update, too.
There was a pretty big update recently, but I still haven't figured out what's new on it yet. I noticed there is now a link for Bing in the Spotlight section, I believe, but other than that I'm still trying to figure out what we have now.
An update for the dashboard is planned for later this fall. There's a video already out that was leaked a few weeks ago showing the new layout in motion. It apparently looks a lot like Windows 7 Phone.