Xbox 360 What ending did you get?


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Dec 30, 2012
Earlier in my morality thread I talked about how some people choose to harvest and others to save. This, along with saving NPCs, has affects on the outcome of your game, allowing you to get a good Ending, a neutral ending, a bad ending, or a REALLY bad ending. Which of these did you get?
I saved all of the little sisters, resulting in the good ending. In most games I usually try to do a 'good' playthrough first and do another one being 'bad' if it's worth it. I really enjoyed the ending and I'm glad its the one I got first :) I'm not sure which route gives you the most ADAM, but I think saving them is definitely worth it. You do get tonics that add more ADAM, and make it easier to get it too.
I got the good ending. Harvesting them gets you more ADAM, though. But not much. I think you get like 5200 ADAM by rescuing and 5400 by harvesting or something like that? It's much better to rescue because you also get some unique tonics as gifts...
I got the "good" ending, but I struggled with seeing the good at first. I was kind of disappointed when I was looking at it like Elanor killed me, but then someone pointed out that she was absorbing me. That made it a bit different in my eyes.
I got the evil ending, I actually wanted to see it as my friend had already done it to get the good ending. I love multi-ending games.
I got the good ending for my first run-through, but I replayed the game to see all of the endings.
I just saved all the sisters. I think the storyline is great, and both ways are interesting.