Xbox 360 What if you were paid to play?


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Jan 21, 2012
Do you think if you were paid to play 360 games as a living that you would grow to enjoy them less? I think most people would. It seems our brains have a funny habit of liking certain activities less if we have to work to do them.
I think you're right about this. Even if a job is fun, it's not the same as pure leisure. I still think that would be a great job though. I'd be content with liking gaming a little less if I was making a living from it.
I agree too, I played xbox 360 for like 3 days straight one time, and got so bored of it that I didn't play for like 3 months after.
I understand loving what you do as work so it will make the day go by quicker and keep you "happy" while working but it would drive me up the wall. I need randomness in my life and there is no way I could get by with just changing the game each day at work. I would go nuts!
Personally, I wouldn't like playing video games for a living. I like video games, but I don't like them enough to play them 40 hours/week. I really think my husband could though, especially if he worked for a company that made games similar to Call of Duty!!
There is no way that I would play for a living. I don't play often enough. I would grow bored and probably go crazy too! I don't even like to sit that long. I think if you do any activity for a living for a long time, you get bored.
If you had a flexible schedule and could play any game you wanted, it might be a dream job. But if you had to play certain games for hours each day, then I would feel like I was "at work" after doing it for awhile. If and when the job ended, I think it would kill any enjoyment you had in playing games. You would feel like you were working without getting paid.
I think people should only take a job as a video game reviewer/tester if they are a well-rounded player who's prepared to play all sorts of games. You could get stuck with a lot of ones that are completely out of your element or bore you to tears.