Xbox 360 What makes you buy a new game?


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Nov 13, 2012
What is it that convinces you to buy a game for your Kinect? Is it the commercial? The way your friends describe it? The colorful case ?(don't laugh, I know people who would buy a game just because the package is cute).
What usually gets me up and ready to purchase any new games are basically my own first hand experience playing them. Which usually entails renting or playing at a friend's place.

I never listen to hype. And we know commercials are only skin deep. Reviews are meaningless since they're just opinion. So, I use my own judgement after play to make my purchases.
I have to agree with Cross.I never believe hype about a game either. I will watch the trailer and if it is a game series I don't have experience with already, I will probably rent it from the video store to check it out before I drop $60 on it.