What to do with an old PS1


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Sep 22, 2011
I've got a mostly-broken PS1 hanging around the house, and I'm wondering what I could do with it. I don't think it's worth getting it fixed, and while I'm okay with throwing it away I'd like to see if I could do something else with it first. Any ideas?
Well, if it has no sentimental value whatsoever, then selling it on ebay or other similar websites would be the best thing you could do with it. I generally keep my old consoles somewhere in the basement, in a box. They may be worth something in the future; perhaps we will be able to give them to a gadgets museum or something...
If you want to consider fixing it, you could probably find a repair guide online. If not, selling it on ebay, as William suggested, might be worth it. I should probably do the same thing with some of my old electronics.
If it doesn't work and you don't want to repair it, I think selling it is a great idea. If you have no luck on Ebay, try Craigslist or a yard sale. You can surely find somebody with a need for a PS1 that needs a repair.
I would sell it or try to trade it. That is if it still works. Somewhere out there I bet someone would want it. I wouldn't but I know there are people that would. You might find someone that needs one for parts.
I mean if someone wants to buy it, then sell it, but to me a broken PS1 is pretty useless. I doubt they sell for much. The only thing I'd do if I had any old systems left that actually worked is give them to a friend or family members kid that wants video games but doesn't have any.
Recycling facilities may exist in your area that can take it off your hands. You'll just have to do a little research for that.

If the unit is capable of being refurbished, you could donate it to a kids' charity.
If you fix it you can sell it for what you can get from it which will be far more than selling it for being broken. No one wants to buy broken stuff, okay sometimes they do but we are not talking about restoring an old classic car are we? :)
I agree with William, I think you should probably just keep it. I doubt you'd get much money for it, if any, since it's broken. As you said, it's probably currently not worth fixing. At some point down the line though, the nostalgia factor might kick in. It sounds like it's worth keeping, just in case that happens.
I recently bought a PlayStation 1 just because I wanted to check out the games from back then. You can get them for cheap on garage sales and whatnot and you can usually get a deal that also involves a few games. So to put it short, I wouldn't bother trying to fix it.
You can always look for local game stores that specialize in older 'classic' systems. I know that we have two within about ten miles of our house. I'd check around and see if there are any in your area and, if so, give them a call and see if it's worth anything. I know I wish I still had my original NES, so if not now, down the road there may be a market for it.
If it was me, then I would pull it apart and try to repair it, just on a hobbyist level. The money that you'd get for it on ebay would, I doubt, cover the cost of listing it in the first place!
I gave my old one to my cousin. He's just a kid so he was happy to receive such a nice gift. It was still in "good shape" so it really did make a good gift for a 10 year old. If it's broken though maybe find someone who needs it for parts.
I'd keep it as a collectable. Well, I don't think that it's a collectable now, but in a few years it will be. And I'll be pretty proud of myself for having one good PS1. :D