What type of achievement person are you?


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Jan 20, 2012
When it comes to those little, yet oh‐so addicting things called achievements, where did you rank on the obsession scale when it comes to completing your games? Do you: a) Not even pay attention to 'em b) Work hard to get a decent amount of the achievements per game, but not lose sleep over missing a few of the hard ones or c) Aim to max out pretty much every game you play even if it's not fun anymore, no matter what.

I'm B.
I am A, I could care less about getting the achievements and more about enjoying the game. But I can see how someone could get addicted to getting them.
I also think I am gamer B. I like to do as much as possible in the game, but I am not sweating over it, Sometimes I might have one achievement that bugs me and I have to keep on until I get it.
I'm in the B category as well. I will try to get some achievements, but don't obsessively go for them. I've completed Fable II and Dirt 2 for gamerscore, but neither had particularly hard achievements. I might go back and get some of the ones I missed on a re-run of the game, but not go for everything.
I do not really obsess all that much with achievement rating, although i do enjoy getting them a lot.
Definitely B, although if I'm close to finishing all the achievements in a game I sometimes turn into a C :)
I'm an A for sure. The only game I've gone hunting for things in has been RDR, and that was for the outfits, had nothing to do with achieves at all, but they came with the outfits, so I ended up getting them.
It depends for me. I'm more of an A/B guy. A when I plan on rushing through games. I either rush through games if the game is too repetitive, or too boring for me. I don't want to completely stop playing the game, I want to find out what happens at the end, but without wasting time finding achievables. I'm usually a B person though, I feel achievements are gotten throughout the game while you play it, and you should definitely not replay the game just for one achievement. I'm usually a B when I play action games since they're usually the ones that offer achievements.
With some games, I have to get them all. With others, I'll be happy just getting all that I can, and not bother getting the ones that I have to go out of my way for. Achievements will also entice me to play games that I'd otherwise have no interest in, but only if I'm a bit burnt out on my current collection.
A. Why should I feel proud for getting an achievement? A lot of other people get them so you really shouldn't feel special. To me, achieving something is going into multiplayer or something and beating other people. Achievement are just easy and don't mean much to anybody.
I like to get achievements but I generally don't go after them or care for them.
i dont play to unlock acheivments... a i go its ok but i dont personally care one way or the other.
i think developers who build them use 3/4 of them for game/story line and the other 1/4 for missions devoted to unlocking.

while playing multiplayer i have unlocked a few that otherwise would not go after its the one instance an open world game+acheivment points do become fun.
I love achievements! They are one of the main things that sway me from play station to Xbox. When I had a ps3 the achievements were so few and far between that it made me not want to press that little bit harder and pixel hunt hidden objects etc, whereas on my 360 I would.

Also, games that I had on Xbox that I re-bought on my ps3 had achievements missing!
In the 360 versions I would be getting achievements for doing certain things. I would do the same thing on the ps3 version and get a big fat nothing! So disappointing and such a let down for all our hard work :(
I go for the achievements that actually sound capable of doing. Such as "Get 25 kill online with a sniper" I don't do ones that are like "Play FFA and get a 3 in 1 kill for the game winning kill."
It's not really about feeling special, just feeling like you're making progress. No one's being forced to earn achievements, though; they're just an added perk. Not everyone cares for achievements, and that's A-OK. I'm more concerned with how fun the game is than anything else.
I'm def a C although my game completion isn't high (I only ace about 52% of games I play) and more so focus on the harder achievements as it feels better to have something that not everyone has. I'm a competitive person in many aspects so achievements are just another battleground....that being said I focus more on achievements then trophies, dunno why think it's the sound, or maybe the actual number compared to trophies...
I'd say B. I enjoy getting all of the achievements I can but if I can't get one, that's fine.
There are always other play throughs that can be done and I can always just try again later.
I used to go hunting for them but once I reached 100k, I lost all enthusiasm for them. If I really enjoy a game I will try to get 100% but other than that I'll finish campaign and leave it. Up to 130k+ now.
I would say the vast majority of my achievements are incidental. I hardly ever make a conscious decision to go after an achievement, and when I do it's usually a fairly easy one. I don't want to spend a bunch of time on some absurd assignment when I know nobody cares whether I do it (I know I don't), and there technically isn't any award.