Xbox 360 What's the first game you played on an Xbox ?


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Aug 2, 2012
I've seen ads online and on TV about Xbox and it made me curious but just seeing the ads is not the same as actually playing a game. What was your first game you ever played on an Xbox? Did you like it ?
The first game I ever played on my Xbox 360 was one of the Halo titles; I think it was Halo 3. I just remember being blown away by the graphics, as I was used to playing PS2 games and for the most part, there's really no comparison. I also remember having a lot of trouble with the controller, because everything is oriented differently and the "x" button is not in the same place as compared to the PS2 controller. A friend of mine was trying to help me out when I was playing another game and she kept telling me to "hit the X button" but since I was used to the PS2 controller and thinking in those terms, I kept hitting the "A" button on the Xbox 360 controller. :eek:
It's been so long since I played that first game; I don't know if I can remember which one it was! I think it was a racing game, maybe one of the Need for Speed titles?
I'm with stealthactionsam on this one; I don't know if I can remember what my first Xbox 360 game was, either!! I don't think it was a racing game though.. I'm thinking it was the first Dead Space.
Forza 3. After seeing a few videos with the gameplay, I finally got the chance to play it at a friend of mine. After this I decided: I need to have my own xbox. And after 2 months, I got mine. :D
The first game I ever played on an Xbox 360 was Guitar Hero 2. A friend of mine invited me over to his house a couple days after he bought it and we took turns with the guitar. After that, I knew I had to have a 360. :)
Forza sounds about right but I swear there was another game around the same time that is stuck in my head but I am clueless as to what it was. I remember Rise of Perathia too, for some reason I could never get on the good side of that game.
Forza in my case too, in a mall, at an electronics retailer. I was fascinated by the gameplay and the huge number of cars you could choose from. Enough impressed to make me want to get one too.
The very first game I played on an Xbox 360 was Call of Duty 2 and it blew my mind I thought the graphics were awesome.

I remember thinking this is the future of gaming and telling my then girlfriend all about it she just tutted and rolled her eyes that was 8 years ago she is now my wife and still tuts and rolls her eyes when I want to play Call of Duty.
Matt Hazard. The first one, not the cool XBLA one. Then GTAIV. That was at a friend' house. I decided then to buy a 360, actually... funny, though, cuz now I don't like either of these games.
My first game I played on Xbox was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I absolutely hated it. I went over to my friends house to stay the night....and every time I stayed the night, he would want to play it. I honestly didn't hate anything more. It was the most boring thing in the world for me. Later on, I got an Xbox, and it became my favorite game. Go figure! haha
The first game I played on an xbox has to be Halo combat evolved. It came with my xbox when I purchased it in late 2001. I can honestly say that after playing that game I was sold on the xbox forever.
It was Halo 2 on my cousin's home. It was what made me buy an Xbox in the first place. The thing is that when buying it, the first game i got was Ninja Gaiden Black. Not the best game for casual players, i tell you.
Pro evoloution Soccer, I had grown up playing fifa but switched sides for this one version before reverting to fifa.
I remember the first game I played on the xBox. That was back when I was in 11 years old. That first game, I didn't have an xbox then, so I played at my friends house. I remember it clearly, it as Halo.
The first game I played on the Original Xbox was either Halo:CE or Ghost Recon. I got both when I first bought the xbox, but don't know which I played first. Prob. Halo. Everyone played Halo.
Halo 3. I got it during winter break of 2006 and must have played it nonstop for a week or so. Then I discovered custom games and the forge and played it for another week straight.
For me it was also Halo 3, I bought it at the same time I bought my Elite, which was my first Xbox.
But I don't think I played that for long, shortly after I bought whatever Pro Evo was the most recent at the time.
King Kong :p was the first game I ever aced too. I had that and project gotham racing but since there wasn't a batmobile....